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Original ek mukhi rudraksha

6 years ago
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Hi All

   There are two types of ek mukhi rudraksha, namely round and the half moon shape. I already have understanding that round 1 mukhi is the original one. As that is the one described in Shiva puran ? Which rudraksha to be chosen as the most powerful and the best bead to be worn when recommended.
6 years ago
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In Shiva purana there are descriptions about 1 mukhi rudraksha in detailed. ek mukhi rudraksha is the most powerful rudraksha bead available and is very dear to the lord Shiva himself. And if we refer to Shiva puran as our source to believe on the powers, then we can surely tell that it tells about ek mukhi round rudraksha. The gole dana 1 mukhi round is smaller in size and available less in the market. As there are very less production so the price is significantly higher.
6 years ago
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one mukhi round bead is the most precious one that every individual should be eager to wear. It is the most powerful bead and has all energies that is required to make one happy and prosperous.

When there is feasibility of wearing round ek mukhi, then it should be the first choice to wear.

And from the price and availability point of view, sometimes it is very difficult to get 1 mukhi round rudraksha and if available it would be too costly to wear for some individual.
6 years ago
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And yes swapna, here we are discussing about the Nepali rudraksha beads only. The original ek mukhi rudraksha from Indonesian varies in some terms and we can discuss on that in some other topic.
6 years ago
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"One mukhi bead is the rarest of them all and is the embodiment of Siva

The tree do not bear round one mukhi every year.
One in thousand years.

Now you know we have so much deforestation. And with the rarity of the old trees, the number of beads that can come to the market has become less. And round 1 mukhi is the rarest and very difficult to get one original.

Say you have got some real source of getting one mukhi round . Then you need to check it properly before buying.

If you are purchasing it from the market then it is most likely going to be a fake one mukhi bead. All the beads available commercially are the shaped one mukhi beads.

Be careful while dealing with round ek mukhi dana commercially.
6 years ago
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Recently we came across some customers who had bought 1 mukhi round rudraksha at thousands and were asking about it if those were original.

If someone wears the original ek mukhi round rudraksha, then he should have got a feeling of highest mental feeling after wearing the bead. The ek mukhi rudraksha of round shape are the best rudraksha to be worn. If it is original then definitely the wearer will feel it within few days of wearing.
6 years ago
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Yes, It is the most rare one.

May be people can see other beads at times, But seeing an original round ek mukhi rudraksha is by chance.

It is said, There are few round ek mukhi rudraksha being kept in pashupati temple of Nepal.
6 years ago
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I had recently visited haridwar.

There i was searching for 1 mukhi round rudraksha.

I got few sellers who told they are having few 1 mukhi round rudraksha.

On asking about price, they were telling the price around 80000 to 90000 rupees.

After consulting with rashmiji, i understood that it should have been the fake one.

Even i have found some people in Bangalore selling 1 mukhi round rudraksha at cheap prices in the same range.
6 years ago
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Genuine round 1 mukhi rudraksha is lord Shiva himself.

It has much more power than that described.

But extremely rare.
6 years ago
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I had recently inquired and was able to know from some suppliers that they are having original round 1 mukhi rudraksha.
6 years ago
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I intend to purchase one round ek mukhi rudraksh. please make your best offer with a photograph and delivery conditions.

D.K. Bhatnagar
6 years ago
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As per our understanding, here we are only talking about round ek mukhi rudraksha from Nepal.

As per my experience, i see that a supplier should have maximum 1 - 2 round 1 mukhi rudraksha.

All those people who tell that they have sold many 1 mukhi rudraksha - I really doubt.

And actually we all are new to this round ek mukhi rudraksha.  Please judge yourself and buy.

We do not have round ek mukhi more than one with us. And that too it is really difficult to get the fresh ones.
6 years ago
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I AM VERY LUCKY... my mother has One mukhi Rudraksha.  kaju shape
5 years ago
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I want a original 1 mukhi rudrashka at bangalore please send me the stiore address
5 years ago
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I have one round mukhi rudaraksha origibal of Nepal
5 years ago
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I will bepasting photoes of one mukhi rudraksha probably next week if praticable
5 years ago
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"Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is itself lord Shiva. It is the rarest and the most powerful among all varieties of Rudraksha. It enhances the self and enhances self confidence. It is believed that goddess Lakshmi never leaves the place where a one Mukhi ..

One mukhi is representing the lord Shiva himself. If we compare all the different beads, then we find ek mukhi to be most powerful and rare one. Self confidence enhancer and brings blessings from mata Lakshmi.

Om Namah Shivaya
4 years ago
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i have ek mukhi rudraksha or moon shape and one face rudraksha.
4 years ago
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Please send me info of your original ek mukhi round rudraksha and the price.

4 years ago
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Round shape one mukhi rudraksha, you will get 100% chance to purchase fake one. I have been searching from last 6 years and studies lot things about rudraksha specially round shape one mukhi. I have purchase 8 to 9 round shape one mukhi rudraksha after testing all become fake one. if you want to see original round shape rudraksha go to Pashupatti temple at nepal and Jaganath at orissa, both rudraksha under security of Police.

I had been visit and see then I feel , It look like hart of earth ...really amazing  

It is my experience