Monday, December 17, 2018 12:24:59 PM

Original ek mukhi rudraksha

2 years ago
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1 mukhi original round shape, A myth.
2 years ago
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Still, in the market there are a lot of beads which are claimed to be 1 mukhi rudraksha. It is difficult to select or disbelief that these beads can be fake. It is still a first choice for rudraksha lovers.

So caution while choosing or buying round 1 mukhi.
2 years ago
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Hi, i have 2 fake nepal ek mukhi round shape and those are certified by Leading Rudraksha Testing Lab IGL.
8 months ago
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I  have 1 Mukhi original Nepali Bead by the grace of Lord SHIVA.But the price is Very high.It is almost 600 years old.

There i was searching for 1 mukhi round rudraksha.

I got few sellers who told they are having few 1 mukhi round rudraksha.

On asking about price, they were telling the price around 80000 to 90000 rupees.

After consulting with rashmiji, i understood that it should have been the fake one.

Even i have found some people in Bangalore selling 1 mukhi round rudraksha at cheap prices in the same range.[/quote]