Protection Bracelet

Rudraksha protection bracelet is for the fashionable wearing and also for protection from all ill effects that may hurt us. It protects the wearer from untimely death.
259.99 (INR)


Description on Protection Bracelet with Rudraksha bead

> 16 pieces of Indonesian beads as spacers + two non fading crystal bead spacer

> Spacer rudraksha beads are of 5 face. Each bead sizes are 10 mm in diameter.

> One High quality and good looking Nepal Rudraksha bead at the center of the bracelet.

> This Rudraksha bracelet acts as a protector. Protection from accidents and other issues.

> Protection from untimely death to the wearer.

> The wearing of the bracelet on hand brings fashion and luck.

> Fits all hand wrist. The elastic used are very stretch and strong.

Benefits of Wearing Protection Rudaksha bracelet

> Different rudraksha beads power properties needs to be read based on the Nepali bead at the center.

> Protector rudraksha and mostly protection from accidents.

> Good and proper energization of the bead for maximum effect to the wearer.

Different beads at the center

> You can select the center bead to be used as per you liking and the given selection.



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