Rudraksha Mala

Rudraksha Mala Rosary is used for chanting spiritual mantras or for japa purpose. It is very auspicious and keeps the mind focused while doing meditation or mantra chanting. Rudraksha mala can be used for wearing purpose or for mantra chanting purpose. There are different kind of malas available for mantra japa purpose. Rudraksha mala is mainly used for chanting shiva mantra. Shiva is the super god. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Rudraksha mala protects against negative energy and enhance concentration power. Can be used for reliving heat from the body. Can be worn for overall health, peace and guidance. There are usually 108+1 beads in a mala, can be 27+1 or 54+1 also.

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Yoga combination mala

Attractive and interesting mala and bracelet made for the peace of mind and body. Brings peace to inner mind and enhances knowledge on spiritualism.
4,999.99 (INR)