Colors of Rudraksha beads

Colors of rudraksha

Should wear which color of rudraksha
rudraksha color

Different Colors of rudraksha beads

There are descriptions about different colors of rudraksha in our ancient holy books. Also there are instructions that apply to who should wear which color of rudraksha. But broad classification of rudraksha based on color which affects the power of rudraksha is no where given. So the color of rudraksha does not affect the power of rudraksha. As per your years of experience in rudraksha field, we have not felt a need of classification of rudraksha based on colors. Still there are certain rules apply to black and odd color rudraksha beads.

 different colors

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Power of rudraksha - as described in ancient texts

Power of rudraksha

Power of rudraksha is felt when it is worn
Rudraksha mahima 


          Power of rudraksha is felt when it is worn or one comes in contact with it. The power can also be felt without being seeing it. Just the presence of rudraksha in the sorrounding affects all around it. Such is the power of rudraksha that is described in the holy scriptures of Hindu.


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Vakra Tunda Maha Kaya - Meaning and symbol

Vakra Tunda Maha Kaya

Ganesha bandana
vakra tunda maha kaya

          We all In India have been worshipping the Lord ganesha from time immortal. We worship first before making any puja. He brings happiness and prosperity to the worshipper. All students and businessmen worship him for wisdom.

          He is worshipped with the mantra "Vakra tunda maha kaya...". What is the meaning of "Vakratunda mahakaya" ?


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Love our parents

Respect for our parent

Now it is our term
Respect parents

          Parents made us hope till now and grown this big. Now it is our turn. We will show our love and respect to them. We will bring happiness with them. We will fulfill their hope and aspirations with us.

          Lets come, stretch our hand towards our parents.

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we love our parents

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Poem Sukha-Dukha (oriya)

Sukha dukha  - Odiya song

Odiya song
happy couple
               Happiness and sorrow is there with every human being. Happiness brings in possibility to see sorrow and the same in opposite. Mr. Satya ranjan has written his experiences in plane oriya. (has English translation).

Title of the song : Sukha Dukha (Nijaswa anubhutire)

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Story to prove "God Is One"

God is one

One story

God is One! There is a nice story from the history of India which discuss on oneness of god. The story is historical and fictional. The purpose of the story is to give knowledge to the young reader about ..

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Google RSS
google rss

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This adds ommrudraksha news, ommrudraksha blogs and ommrudraksha products feeds to igoogle.

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Ganesha as the prosperity god - God of prosperity

Ganesh - the god of prosperity

For peace, happiness and prosperity vinayaka is worshiped all over the India. There are numerous temples for lord ganesha all over India. Children s worship Vighneswara for good study and metal capability. Ganesh is worshiped before starting any work.
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Global warming and precautions

Global Warming and precaution

We are neglecting the effect before taking actions
          We need immediate actions to stop global warming. We are neglecting the effect before taking actions. And now the biggest problem to humans is "Global warming". We need to bring awareness among people to make our effect fruitful. Many organizations are involved to spread the awareness.

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solution to global warming

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Remedies for Planet Sun ( Surya )
Remedies for Planet Sun ( Surya )
Remedies for planet sun
Remedies for Planet Sun ( Surya )

There are different remedies described in Indian sastras regarding the sun related issues. Sun is the central to our solar system. And we are more affected with bad sun positions in our kundali. Lal Kitab is a definite read for more information on remedy related issues. Here we have written important extracts from these sastras. ek mukhi rudraksha and 12 mukhi rudraksha are very helpful for sun related problems. Please click on the link to read more on Remedies for sun planet problem on chart/kundali.