8 Mukhi Rudraksha | About eight face rudraksha bead

Eight mukhi rudraksha      

8 mukhi rudraksha represents the Lord Ganesha

8 Mukhi Rudraksha

          8 Mukhi rudraksha is Vinayak (Destroyer of obstruction). As the name symbolizes the destruction of obstacles and gives results in all ventures. The ruling planet Eight for rudraksha bead is Rahu and therefore used to reduce malefic effects of Rahu in the horoscope. On 8 Mukhi rudraksha bead is also represented by Lord Ganesha who is worshiped before all other gods. This bead remove obstacles in life and provide stability in mind. Wearing one eight Mukhi rudraksha is proposed to achieve the results expected for any new work. This rudraksha bead protects the person from the problems associated with litigation, accidents, misfortunes, miseries, obstacles and enemies.It also cures stomach ache, stress, skin diseases, anxiety etc.

         This eight lined bead represents the Lord Ganesha. It gives the wearer freedom from the sin caused by telling a lie. It is helpful in sublimating the malefic the effects of Rahu which snakebite. Ideal for writers and intellectuals. Anyone looking for fame and leadership should wear 8 mukhi rudraksha. Is recommended for Lung, feet, skin and eyes.


By Sashmita Sahoo
7 Mukhi Rudraksha | About seven face rudraksha bead

Seven mukhi rudraksha      

Symbol of Goddess Mahalaxmi

7 Mukhi Rudraksha

          7 Mukhi rudraksha is Nagas - The universal power waves. 7 mukhi rudraksha Give wealth through the blessing of the Nagas or celestial serpents. The seven face rudraksha bead is controlled by the planet Saturn is prescribed as a cure for Saturn problems Sade Sati and Kal Sarp Yoga. According Vaishnavites this rudraksha represents the Shesha Nag, the king of serpents. It is believed that serpents never bother the wearer of this rudraksha. According to others it represents the goddess MahaLakshmi. On 7 Mukhi rudraksha bead is used to cure diseases such as asthmatic, pharyngitis, impotency, foot illnesses, respiratory diseases, cold, pain in bones and muscles, paralysis, long-term illnesses, etc. 7 Mukhi rudraksha bead is said to bless the wearer with wealth, fame and spiritual knowledge .

           This seven lined bead is the symbol of Goddess Mahalaxmi. Good health and wealth is blessed with him wearing Seven Faced rudraksha. By wearing seven face rudraksha man can progress in business and service and spend his life happily. This rudraksha wards wearer from the malefic effects of Shani. Is recommended for: Weakness, colic pain, handicapness, pain in bones and muscles.


By Sashmita Sahoo
6 Mukhi Rudraksha | About six face rudraksha bead

Six mukhi rudraksha      

Represents Lord Kartikeya, Shiva's second son

6 Mukhi Rudraksha

          6 Mukhi rudraksha is Kartikeya (commander of the Gods). Is win over the enemy. Good for the lawsuits. 6 mukhi rudraksha bead is controlled by the planet Venus, and wear this gem helps control the malefic effects of the Venus in the chart. Six Mukhi rudraksha is increasing concentration and cure epilepsy, gynecological problems, hysteria, problems with eyes, genitals and urinary tract, etc. This rudraksha is also said to create an understanding and appreciation of Love, sexual enjoyment, music and interpersonal relationships. 6 Mukhi rudraksha beads representing the lord Kartikeya and is highly recommended for those who work with learning and those who want to enhance their charm and power of speech.

           This six faced bead represents Lord Kartikeya, Shiva's second son. It gives learning, wisdom and knowledge and increases strength of will. It is very good for business leaders, businessmen, journalists and editors, etc. It also controls the sexual organs. 6 mukhi rudraksha can avert the adverse effects of planet Venus, which causes disturbances in the sex organs, sexual and love life, music, etc. Recommended for epilepsy, hysteria, eyes, reproductive system, urinary tract, prostate, mouth and throat.


By Sashmita Sahoo
5 mukhi rudraksha | About five face rudraksha bead

Five mukhi rudraksha      

The wearer of five Mukhi gains health and peace

5 Mukhi rudraksha

          5 Mukhi rudraksha is Rudra (The Destroyer). In general 5 mukhi rudraksha used in all Rudrakha Mala. This control perverse sexual desire. This bead is controlled by the planet Jupiter, and acts as one remedy for Jupiter problems in horoscopes. This bead function miraculously on piles, stress affects blood pressure, mental health, diabetes, stomach illnesses, obesity, constipation, indigestion, toothache, heart problems, anger, neurotic and mal alignment problems etc. This rudraksha bead all major Chakra points. The 5 Mukhi rudraksha is said to control the five elements in the human body (fire, water, air, sky and earth) and destroy the five major sins (lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego). This bead wipes of all kinds of sins that are emerging through sexual intercourse with a forbidden woman and from eating forbidden food. Good for the house hold ritual and Brahamacharya.

          This five faced bead is the form of Rudra.The wearer of five Mukhi gains health and peace. It increases memory also. Five Mukhi rudraksha sphygmomanometers and heart ailments. Will affect all major Chakra points. recommended for kidney, ears, diabetes, and thighs, and blood pressure.

By Sashmita Sahoo
4 mukhi rudraksha | About four face rudraksha bead

Four mukhi rudraksha      

It gives the wearer Knowledge learning and creativity

4 mukhi rudraksha

          4 Mukhi rudraksha is the Brahma - the Creator. 4 mukhi rudraksha provides educational attainment and Vaksidhi. 4 mukhi rudraksha bead is controlled by the planet Mercury and is prescribed as one remedy to cure the malefic effects of the mercury in the horoscope. 4 mukhi rudraksha bead represents Lord Brahma and also gives the wearer the four most important in life, namely Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. It acts as a remedy for coughs, asthma, brain-related illnesses, stammering, psychiatric illness, paralysis, memory lapse, respiratory problems, nervous disorders, yellow fever and nasal disease. This rudraksha also removes laziness, excessive sleep and unwanted dreams. This ball is suitable for students, teachers, researchers, journalists, salesmen, writers, etc.

           The power of Brahma exists in this 4 mukhi rudraksha. It gives the wearer Knowledge learning and creativity. It increases wit and intelligence. It is beneficial to scientists, researchers, intellectuals, artists, writers and journalists. Recommended for mental disease, paralysis, yellow fever, and nasal disease.


By Sashmita Sahoo

3 Mukhi Rudraksha | About three face rudraksha bead

Three mukhi rudraksha      

People who suffer from inferiority complex should wear this

3 Mukhi Rudraksha

          3 Mukhi rudraksha is Agni Devta (Fire God). 3 mukhi rudraksha Cures digestive and performing well in fire victims. 3 mukhi rudraksha is considered a symbol of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. The carrier is successful in its efforts. People who suffer from inferiority complex should wear this rudraksha because it improves self-confidence of the wearer. Good for depression, digestive problems, blood pressure, weakness, menstrual disorders.

3 Mukhi rudraksha mantra: Om Kleem Namah
Deity: Brahma Vishnu Mahesh
Proposed for: Those who want to clear all the sins and live life in purity with success.


 By Sashmita Sahoo

2 mukhi rudraksha | About two face rudraksha bead

Two mukhi rudraksha      

Wear to avoid different and family problems

2 Mukhi Rudraksha

          2 Mukhi rudraksha is Hara Parvati. Wear 2 mukhi rudraksha to avoid different and family problems. Two for the rudraksha bead associated with the moon and is a cure for the moon problems in one's horoscope. 2 mukhi rudraksha works miraculously for the treatment of diseases such as impotence, lack of concentration, renal failure, stress, anxiety, bronchial problems, depression, negative thinking, eye problems, mental chaos, hysteria, intestinal disorders, etc. 2 Mukhi rudraksha bead should be worn by those facing obstacle to marry or have children or have problems with relationships.

 By Sashmita Sahoo
1 mukhi rudraksha | About one face rudraksha bead

1 mukhi rudraksha

One faced rudraksha bead is the symbol of the highest truth

1 Mukhi rudraksha

          1 Mukhi is a rare circular Ek Mukhi rudrakhya. Representing Sadashiva, wearer avoid deaths and accidents and give blessings of Lord Shiva. The One faced rudraksha bead is the symbol of the highest truth, the creator of this universe. In an Mukhi rudraksha is controlled by Sun and all Sun corrects problems in the horoscope. It cures diseases like tuberculosis, chronic asthma, bile and complaints liver, paralysis, stroke, heart problems, mental anxiety, bone pain etc.


          1 Mukhi rudraksha affects the 7th chakra at the top of the head (Sahasrara Padma Chakra) and it is also very effective for cure headache and right eye defect. 1 Mukhi Rudraksha can also be worn by those seeking a higher concentration, they are doing spiritual practices like meditation and those who are very emotional and is affected by the ups and downs in life. The wearer of this shiva gem would be blessed with success, power and glory.

Rashmita Nayak By Rashmita Nayak Email:

Care and Precaution Rudraksha

How to care and take precaution for rudraksha

Clean your mala / beads when you feel they need cleaning

Care and precaution Rudraksha

Clean your mala / beads when you feel they need cleaning after regular usage. Dip in warm water. Add some liquid soap. Hold for at least 24 hours and then brush with a plastic brush to clean dirt and grime that fixes in the pores of the beads. Then wash with running water and allow the balls to dry for several hours, and then apply some oil on the balls with the help of a brush. Sandalwood oil is best mixed with light olive oil. Oiling can be repeated every few weeks or when the bullets seem to dry as oiling makes pearls strong.

If rudraksha is worn for swimming, it is recommended to keep them away from the soap because it penetrates the bead pores and make them dehydrated. Regular washing with water is good for pearls. If not worn during bath, the beads can be washed in normal clean water, during prayers.

More on Care and precuation Rudraksha

Rudraksha beads may be worn at all times. According to our authentic texts, there are no do's and don'ts of wearing these pearls. The beads are sacred and need to maintain their purity and energy by treating them with respect and care. Regularly wash them, oil them and mantras sing with them. Wear grind inside the dress and not contact with hands and fingers. When you take Mala outside thinking in a bag or a plate in your altar. You can grind at night and hold a plate in your altar and wear again the morning after bathing and prayers. The rest of the day there is no reason to take of the mill.Care and Precaution Rudraksha should be taken to keep the beads powerful for long time. Also to make it energetic enough for the purpose.

By Rashmita Nayak

who can wear rudraksha

Who all can wear rudraksha

Make rudraksha part of your body. Your faith will bring grace in your life

Who can wear rudraksha ?

"Is it that only Hindus can wear?"

No, it can all carry. Old texts are not limited wearing of these beads on each caste, religion or gender. Some ancient texts also talk of animals wearing them and achieving salvation.

"Non - Veg and alcohol have become a part of our food, we are therefore disqualified to wear rudraksha.?"

Make rudraksha part of your body. Your faith will bring grace in your life. Slowly you will notice that you are moving away from non - Veg and alcohol.

Nepali bead is the best in quality and faces are very clear on these beads.Indonesian beads are not too good in quality and faces are not so clear on these.So, when it comes to choosing between the Javanese and Nepalese I choose Nepalese blindly.Nepali beads are a bit expensive in comparison with Indonesian beads.

Generally beads are classified on the basis of the number of faces "mukhis" - gaps and furrows - they have on their surface (or say how many partitions on the pearl is divided into). Each bead has a different effect on you, depending on the faces it has. These faces are essential astrological viewpoint, since it is believed that rudraksha different faces please different planets. The scriptures speak of 1-21 faces, but the rudraksha of 1-14 faces are normal, 15-21 is expensive and rare ones.


By Rashmita Nayak