Bring Positive Energy by Wearing Rudraksha
Regain health and confidence with energy of rudraksha
Bring Positive Energy by Wearing Rudraksha
Energy in Rudaksha
Rudraksha benefits | Energy | power

Energy in Rudaksha
Rudraksha energy is an endowment of Lord Shiva in the interests of humanity. He itself carries the all the time. The tears of Lord Shiva namely rudraksha beads are carried by the Yogis in India and the Himalayan for thousand years for the Fearless Life on the their way to enlightenment and liberation. Benefits of rudraksha is well known. Energy of positiveness flows after wearing rudraksha.
Importance & benefits of Rudraksha

In order to change humans spiritual and the physical, rudraksha plays a significant role in large impaction of central nervous of human its physiology. Rudraksha is the most sacred bead joining people immediately to Lord Shiva. Rudraksha bring auspiciousness in their lives and are continually working to giving benefits.

Rudraksha will help with sudden jittery. Persons who have been such problems should keep one five Mukhi rudraksha with those. Once they will feel anxious due to sudden chock and freezesthey should be be glued to your his right palm in 10 minutes. They are going to regain their self confidence as well as their body will start to warming up.

Energy in Rudraksha | Health | Wealth
10 mukhi rudraksha | About ten face bead

Ten mukhi rudraksha      

Provides good nature

10 mukhi rudraksha

          10 Mukhi rudraksha is Vishnu (preserver-Destroys all kinds of spirits, demons and other strange spirits). The ten before the rudraksha bead is not a ruling planet. This 10 mukhi rudraksha has a strong positive effect on the negative planetary effects, evil force, setbacks, miseries and earthly suffering. The ruling master of this 10 mukhi rudraksha gem is Lord Mahavishnu, preserver of the universe. The 10 Mukhi rudraksha beads are used to cure diseases such as hormonal imbalance in the body, mental instability, whooping cough, blood and skin problems, etc. These gems should be worn by those who have a short fuse and those affected by evil eye or black magic. The ten Mukhi bead provide good nature, wealth and prosperity to the wearer.

          This 10 faced bead represents the Lord Vishnu. It helps the user to overcome difficult times and ensures that wearer and the family of the wearer is protected. It creates a sense of security.Wearer protected from the influence of evil spirit, ghosts and black magic. Recommended to calm the nine planets.


By Sashmita Sahoo
9 Mukhi Rudraksha | About nine face rudraksha bead

Nine mukhi Rudraksha      

9 Mukhi rudraksha represents in the form of Goddess Durga

9 Mukhi Rudraksha

          9 Mukhi rudraksha represets Vairav (A hidden god of Tantra). 9 mukhi rudraksha gives Siddhi in the left hand the principle of Tantra. The Nine Faced rudraksha bead is controlled by Ketu and worn to control the malefic effects of mental fatigue, poverty, helplessness, inactivity of body and soul. This bead also functions as a magical cure for the treatment of orphan diseases and snake bites. On 9 Mukhi rudraksha bead is also a symbol of the goddess Durga and Yamraj (God of death) and helps to increase self-confidence and overcome fear and depression. This rudraksha bead is said to to remove the effects of Kaal Sarp Yoga.The 9 Mukhi rudraksha controls nine senses of the body and removes all sins and provides all comforts and happiness. Nine Mukhi beads is used as remedies for diseases of the lungs,

          9 Mukhi rudraksha represents in the form of Goddess Durga (Shakti). Mother Goddess blesses the wearer with a lot of energy, powers, dynamism and courage, which are useful for live a life of success. Is recommended for respiratory diseases,, eye pain, bowel pain, skin disease, body pain.


By Sashmita Sahoo
8 Mukhi Rudraksha | About eight face rudraksha bead

Eight mukhi rudraksha      

8 mukhi rudraksha represents the Lord Ganesha

8 Mukhi Rudraksha

          8 Mukhi rudraksha is Vinayak (Destroyer of obstruction). As the name symbolizes the destruction of obstacles and gives results in all ventures. The ruling planet Eight for rudraksha bead is Rahu and therefore used to reduce malefic effects of Rahu in the horoscope. On 8 Mukhi rudraksha bead is also represented by Lord Ganesha who is worshiped before all other gods. This bead remove obstacles in life and provide stability in mind. Wearing one eight Mukhi rudraksha is proposed to achieve the results expected for any new work. This rudraksha bead protects the person from the problems associated with litigation, accidents, misfortunes, miseries, obstacles and enemies.It also cures stomach ache, stress, skin diseases, anxiety etc.

         This eight lined bead represents the Lord Ganesha. It gives the wearer freedom from the sin caused by telling a lie. It is helpful in sublimating the malefic the effects of Rahu which snakebite. Ideal for writers and intellectuals. Anyone looking for fame and leadership should wear 8 mukhi rudraksha. Is recommended for Lung, feet, skin and eyes.


By Sashmita Sahoo
7 Mukhi Rudraksha | About seven face rudraksha bead

Seven mukhi rudraksha      

Symbol of Goddess Mahalaxmi

7 Mukhi Rudraksha

          7 Mukhi rudraksha is Nagas - The universal power waves. 7 mukhi rudraksha Give wealth through the blessing of the Nagas or celestial serpents. The seven face rudraksha bead is controlled by the planet Saturn is prescribed as a cure for Saturn problems Sade Sati and Kal Sarp Yoga. According Vaishnavites this rudraksha represents the Shesha Nag, the king of serpents. It is believed that serpents never bother the wearer of this rudraksha. According to others it represents the goddess MahaLakshmi. On 7 Mukhi rudraksha bead is used to cure diseases such as asthmatic, pharyngitis, impotency, foot illnesses, respiratory diseases, cold, pain in bones and muscles, paralysis, long-term illnesses, etc. 7 Mukhi rudraksha bead is said to bless the wearer with wealth, fame and spiritual knowledge .

           This seven lined bead is the symbol of Goddess Mahalaxmi. Good health and wealth is blessed with him wearing Seven Faced rudraksha. By wearing seven face rudraksha man can progress in business and service and spend his life happily. This rudraksha wards wearer from the malefic effects of Shani. Is recommended for: Weakness, colic pain, handicapness, pain in bones and muscles.


By Sashmita Sahoo
6 Mukhi Rudraksha | About six face rudraksha bead

Six mukhi rudraksha      

Represents Lord Kartikeya, Shiva's second son

6 Mukhi Rudraksha

          6 Mukhi rudraksha is Kartikeya (commander of the Gods). Is win over the enemy. Good for the lawsuits. 6 mukhi rudraksha bead is controlled by the planet Venus, and wear this gem helps control the malefic effects of the Venus in the chart. Six Mukhi rudraksha is increasing concentration and cure epilepsy, gynecological problems, hysteria, problems with eyes, genitals and urinary tract, etc. This rudraksha is also said to create an understanding and appreciation of Love, sexual enjoyment, music and interpersonal relationships. 6 Mukhi rudraksha beads representing the lord Kartikeya and is highly recommended for those who work with learning and those who want to enhance their charm and power of speech.

           This six faced bead represents Lord Kartikeya, Shiva's second son. It gives learning, wisdom and knowledge and increases strength of will. It is very good for business leaders, businessmen, journalists and editors, etc. It also controls the sexual organs. 6 mukhi rudraksha can avert the adverse effects of planet Venus, which causes disturbances in the sex organs, sexual and love life, music, etc. Recommended for epilepsy, hysteria, eyes, reproductive system, urinary tract, prostate, mouth and throat.


By Sashmita Sahoo
5 mukhi rudraksha | About five face rudraksha bead

Five mukhi rudraksha      

The wearer of five Mukhi gains health and peace

5 Mukhi rudraksha

          5 Mukhi rudraksha is Rudra (The Destroyer). In general 5 mukhi rudraksha used in all Rudrakha Mala. This control perverse sexual desire. This bead is controlled by the planet Jupiter, and acts as one remedy for Jupiter problems in horoscopes. This bead function miraculously on piles, stress affects blood pressure, mental health, diabetes, stomach illnesses, obesity, constipation, indigestion, toothache, heart problems, anger, neurotic and mal alignment problems etc. This rudraksha bead all major Chakra points. The 5 Mukhi rudraksha is said to control the five elements in the human body (fire, water, air, sky and earth) and destroy the five major sins (lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego). This bead wipes of all kinds of sins that are emerging through sexual intercourse with a forbidden woman and from eating forbidden food. Good for the house hold ritual and Brahamacharya.

          This five faced bead is the form of Rudra.The wearer of five Mukhi gains health and peace. It increases memory also. Five Mukhi rudraksha sphygmomanometers and heart ailments. Will affect all major Chakra points. recommended for kidney, ears, diabetes, and thighs, and blood pressure.

By Sashmita Sahoo
4 mukhi rudraksha | About four face rudraksha bead

Four mukhi rudraksha      

It gives the wearer Knowledge learning and creativity

4 mukhi rudraksha

          4 Mukhi rudraksha is the Brahma - the Creator. 4 mukhi rudraksha provides educational attainment and Vaksidhi. 4 mukhi rudraksha bead is controlled by the planet Mercury and is prescribed as one remedy to cure the malefic effects of the mercury in the horoscope. 4 mukhi rudraksha bead represents Lord Brahma and also gives the wearer the four most important in life, namely Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. It acts as a remedy for coughs, asthma, brain-related illnesses, stammering, psychiatric illness, paralysis, memory lapse, respiratory problems, nervous disorders, yellow fever and nasal disease. This rudraksha also removes laziness, excessive sleep and unwanted dreams. This ball is suitable for students, teachers, researchers, journalists, salesmen, writers, etc.

           The power of Brahma exists in this 4 mukhi rudraksha. It gives the wearer Knowledge learning and creativity. It increases wit and intelligence. It is beneficial to scientists, researchers, intellectuals, artists, writers and journalists. Recommended for mental disease, paralysis, yellow fever, and nasal disease.


By Sashmita Sahoo

3 Mukhi Rudraksha | About three face rudraksha bead

Three mukhi rudraksha      

People who suffer from inferiority complex should wear this

3 Mukhi Rudraksha

          3 Mukhi rudraksha is Agni Devta (Fire God). 3 mukhi rudraksha Cures digestive and performing well in fire victims. 3 mukhi rudraksha is considered a symbol of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. The carrier is successful in its efforts. People who suffer from inferiority complex should wear this rudraksha because it improves self-confidence of the wearer. Good for depression, digestive problems, blood pressure, weakness, menstrual disorders.

3 Mukhi rudraksha mantra: Om Kleem Namah
Deity: Brahma Vishnu Mahesh
Proposed for: Those who want to clear all the sins and live life in purity with success.


 By Sashmita Sahoo

2 mukhi rudraksha | About two face rudraksha bead

Two mukhi rudraksha      

Wear to avoid different and family problems

2 Mukhi Rudraksha

          2 Mukhi rudraksha is Hara Parvati. Wear 2 mukhi rudraksha to avoid different and family problems. Two for the rudraksha bead associated with the moon and is a cure for the moon problems in one's horoscope. 2 mukhi rudraksha works miraculously for the treatment of diseases such as impotence, lack of concentration, renal failure, stress, anxiety, bronchial problems, depression, negative thinking, eye problems, mental chaos, hysteria, intestinal disorders, etc. 2 Mukhi rudraksha bead should be worn by those facing obstacle to marry or have children or have problems with relationships.

 By Sashmita Sahoo