9 mukhi rudraksha

9 mukhi rudraksha protects from untimely death. Gives peace of mind and fearless life. Stress free and self confidence is blessed.
4,099.99 (INR)

Importance of 9 mukhi rudraksha
> Makes the wearer fearless, stress free, purified conscience, powerful, self confident.
> Protects from untimely death. Removes fear of death. Gives peace of mind.
> Brings in wealth. Very good for all working women/Housewives (who have tension/concern for children, husband)
> Brings in courage, endurance, devotion, will power.
> Can be worn on left hand wrist.
> Nau face bead is owned by Mata Durga.
> Log of energy and dynamism is the feeling on wearing.
> Fearlessness and success is blessed.

> Size: 22 mm - 25 mm

Diseases cured 9 mukhi rudraksha
> Removes diseases of brain, lungs, breasts, sexual organs, eye.
> Abortions, conceiving problem, epilepsy.
> Controls pineal, pituitary of the body.
Who should wear 9 mukhi rudraksha
> People who want to be fearless, fearless to death. (9,10,11 mukhi together is for protection).
> Women (working / housewife) having tension for family.
> For people feeling unexplained fear, lack of concentration, depression, physical weakness.
Astrological view 9 mukhi rudraksha
> Removes malefic of Rahu/ketu.
> Effect of ketu/rahu - diseases of lungs, fever, eye pain, bowel pain, skin disease, body pain.
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