Silver Handband

Handband in pure silver.Used for making handband with rudraksha.Veryuseful while wearing 9 mukhi rudraksha, 13 mukhi rudraksha or other beads.
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Price 399.99 (INR) 399.99 (INR)

Hand band in pure silver

Used for making hand-band with rudraksha.
Very useful while wearing 9 mukhi rudraksha, 13 mukhi rudraksha or other beads.
Helps to stick to hand or forehead or on wrist.
Brings the true wearing experience on the specific body part.

Configuration of rudraksha silver Hand band

Made with pure silver metal.
Made strongly with wires of silver in a rudraksha cage like structure.
Properly made so that the bead is kept strongly and does not come out of the cage.
There is proper design so that the bead kept inside is touching the body to maximum extent.
Other required silver wire is provided along with the silver cage structure.
There are two hooks on two sides of the cage structure for wearing with thread.
Contents: One silver hand band and wire and instruction and thread. No rudraksha with this product.
Red silk thread is provided along with the product.

What all beads can be worn with this

Virtually all the beads of Nepal origin can be worn with these.
For beads up to 26mm diameter size can be easily fit and worn.

Which body part can this be used with

On your wrist as wrist band.
On upper hand part as hand band.
On person's forehead as the most powerful place for meditation and other spiritual enlightenment.
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