Silver bead Capping 10mm size

Beautifully made with pure 100% silver bead cappings. The size is 10mm diameter and fits to all rudraksha beads perfectly. A 5.3 cm silver wire given along with.
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Silver bead capping of 10mm size diameter

  • 10 mm in diameter
  • Made with pure 100% silver.
  • Purity of Silver is nearly 93 % ( sterling silver )
  • Clean and flower design.
  • Fits easily with any rudraksha bead.
  • A silver wire of 5.3 cm long with provided along with the silver cappings
  • A set contain - two circular caps and one wire for threading.
  • One side of the wire is made thick for proper locking within the caps.
  • One side of the wire is slided inside the bead along with caps and the other running out side of the wire is bended for hook purpose.
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