Rudraksha Mala

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chikna mala one

Chikna mala contains beads from Indonesian origin and spatik beads and red sandalwood beads to make a beautiful fashionable mala.
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₹ 899.99

chikna mala two

Fashionable and slim mala made with spatik beads and indonesian rudraksha beads which are pancha mukhi or 5 mukhi.
available and ready to ship
₹ 999.99

Yoga combination mala

Attractive and interesting mala and bracelet made for the peace of mind and body. Brings peace to inner mind and enhances knowledge on spiritualism.
available and ready to ship
₹ 5,999.99

Sidha mala (Nepali)

Siddha mala made with finest Rudraksha from Nepal are best to get all the benefits and blessings of lord Shiva. Chakra are cleaned and balanced.
available and ready to ship
₹ 83,999.99
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