I want to be a good writer

How can i become the best writer

1. I could tell you to write every day, but I assured you realistic strategies. I've got the time, but my health often plays against me. Occasionally is my chronic pain that won't allow me to find a comfortable position(even less a disposition to be inventive ), or my hysterical Tinnitus that steals my joy and ability to focus.But I must admit: for a little while, I used my health as an excuse not to write. It had been easier. Now, I write despite my health issues -- even though I can only compose ten minutes in one day.Being a writer is all about writing, so there is no better advice one can give you : compose as much as you can.

a new beginning

 2. Read a lotI'm sure you're tired of the proposal but, again, those who write and have the ambition to become any good in the artwork must read. A lot!The ideal is to read many genres, explore different styles and techniques, and powerful writing voices. By reading a lot, you learn new words and strategies to play them (safely).If you discover an author you admire and watch similarities with your writing, read them as a drug!When I read the author Matt Haig, it felt I was struck by a lightning bolt. I recognized my writing voice within his. I was thrilled!I'm not saying my writing is great as his (only in my fantasies ), but I recognise myself in his. After finishing reading the book that first introduced me How to stop time , I purchased others . For me personally, Matt Haig is a writer and a teacher.In case you have someone who you admire, read themdrink from their fountain. Learn. But do not neglect to read different writers and genres.Because I'm not writing fiction for now, I have been reading a lot on Moderate too. It enriches my non-fiction writing skills. I read many subjects and, every day, I read three writers new to me.Include in your readings the subjects"writing" and"productivity".  Your learning process is continuous, remember?Diversity is essential. So is quantity -- read as far as possible .