Can i use the broken rudraksha ?

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Can i use the broken rudraksha ? I had one ganesh rudraksha and it is completely broken from the potrusion part. Please suggest.
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One ought to never wear a wrecked Rudraksha or a broken rudraksha as it is said that the Rudraksha whenever broken it looses its strength. So on the off chance that the bead is broken, at that point it ought to be submerged in either a waterway, ocean or lake.
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The energies of broken, split, damaged ,inadequate and defective Rudraksha beads are distorted and so you ought not be worn.
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When a Rudraksha is broken, split or chipped it is viewed as foreboding. In specialized terms it is called or named "Khandit", "Bhang" or "Spoiled" and henceforth not encouraged to be worn. For your situation on the off chance that the storage compartment of the Ganesha Rudraksha has broken, at that point the case is the equivalent and it is best that a similar treatment is met to it. It ought to likewise be inundated in clean streaming water ( Visarajan )subsequent to having played out a littler petition of absolution ( Kshama Yachana ).

Staying the Rudraksha with some glue is no alleviation and subsequently don't fall back on any such practice. Simply let the Rudraksha go and you have to supplant the Rudraksha by supplanting it with another great all around made Ganesha Rudraksha