Rudraksha remedy for ketu ? Which rudraksha is remedy for Ketu ?

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What are all rudraksha which work for remedy of ketu ?
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Ketu in Astrology is viewed as the planet which makes issues throughout everyday life. Negative Ketu gives destitution, perplexity and inclination to take wrong choices. Constructive situation of Ketu in horoscope makes an individual profound. The decision planet of Nau Mukhi Rudraksha or Nine Faced Rudraksha is Ketu. On the off chance that Ketu is feeble by uprightness of position in the horoscope, this dot helps in expelling all the negative impacts of the equivalent.

Nine Faced Rudraksha or Nau Mukhi Rudraksha has nine characteristic coating all over. This dot is commonly found in oval or round shape.

Nine Faced Rudraksha gives genuine feelings of serenity and evacuates destitution. The wearer gets the ability to take right and exact choices throughout his life. The wearer likewise gets the gift of Lord Bhairon and makes him gallant.