I want to test rudraksha easily, By putting it in closed palm. What are your suggestions on this ?

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Hi All. I have been wearing one 5 mukhi rudraksha from long time. And recently i got few rudraksha beads from a store. When i keep any rudraksha within my palm, i feel a sensation. I feel the same effect is felt by all when they keep rudraksha within their palm. Also why this process is not followed by all to find the genuine rudraksha bead. Is there any catch while testing rudraksha by this way.

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Yes, You are right. When rudraksha is kept inside your closed palm then there is a vibration feeling on your palms because of the power of the bead. And this way a person can actually tell that the bead has some power to be felt by human being. If u are capable of reiki type of practices, then it becomes really easy to distinguish between different rudraksha beads based on their power. You can tell that one bead is having more power than the other bead. Or some bead has the lowest power within it.

for a common person, the vibration feeling also comes and they need to test few times to really distinguish. This method can be used to distinguish the beads which have more power of the beads that are dead in terms of power ( fake beads ).
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This is the best way to compare the powers within different beads. Or to try to see if some beads are really powerful enough or not. But it does not ensure that you will be able to know the genuine of the beads.

All beads have some life within it. And so does rudraksha bead too. As these have some life within, so after putting in earth, there comes the real tree.

So each bead available have some power within them. And all will have some type of feeling when kept inside your palm. So to know the genuine rudraksha by this method, it requires more practice and better understanding experience.
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when you want to test rudraksha means test in milk
1you should taken a bole  of milk and dip rudraksha in to milk
than you see after 12 hours ......... if milk as been spoil means that ill be a fake    rudraksha
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Mr rhari has pointed the most feasible test which can be done easily at home to test rudraksha .
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milk may spoil although you keep rudraksha in it and keep it outside. the test i can think of is to boil the bead in milk.

Boil some amount of milk. put the bead in it for 10 minutes and watch. The mil should not be spoiled i think.