nine mukhi rudraksha on my neck or on my hand ?

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Dear Madam Sir

     Recently i have bought one nine mukhi rudraksha. I was recommended by our astrologer to wear the bead around my elbow. And particularly advised to wear on my right hand. I have been wearing this from few weeks and i feel it does not stay properly at my elbow. I would be more interested to wear now this on my neck so that it is comfortable to wear for long time. Will it work differently if i wear this bead on my neck ? Any different benefits on wearing it on the hand compared to that on neck ?

thanks & regards

Vani Sen
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Nine mukhi rudraksha is very powerful and precious. It is also called the swroop of MahaLakshmi.

I feel there should not be any difference in the power of rudraksha while wearing on neck or while wearing at other places on body.
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sometimes there are instructions on the beads to be worn on hand.

This to be taken as an extra option to be available. For some of the beads, they needs to be worn on neck only.
But few can be worn on hand also.

From the power point of view - I feel Rudraksha on hand or on neck will work similarly. But i really do feel that - Rudraksha on hand are for fashion purpose. I personally feel it works less when worn on hand. And it works similarly same ( as to be worn on neck) when worn around waist.

Still the beads worn on hand work for different purpose. It should be worn along with some beads worn as mala also. It makes a body full of ornaments.

See page of nine mukhi to read the option of wearing it on hand.