should i wear rudraksha today ?

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I am hindu by birth. I want to wear rudraksha on coming shivaratri day.The most Auspicious day for shiva devotees.

I have some doubt on the day of wearing. Can i wear rudraksha on the shivaratri day or should i wear the rudraksha bead on monday ?
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Rudraksha can be worn on anyday.

But there is a preferable day on Monday. Monday is dedicated to Lord shiva and rudraksha can be made abhisekam and worn on that day.

If you are not particular then you can wear it on any good day that feels yourself.

Please follow rudraksha wearing rules before and after wearing the beads.

It will ensure that the beads are in proper power always and gives it's best result continuously.
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It is better that the rudraksha not to be worn while eating non veg food or while taking alcohol.

You can choose any auspicious day that you feel nice for yourself.

Then you can do the rudraksha pooja and do all necessary rudra abhishekam before wearing the rudraksha bead.

Rudraksha is always considered as a special spiritual bead. It has been used from long long ago.

It was used for getting proper self confidence, and also for increasing the power of spiritual thoughs.

It is a courage building and positive think giving miraculus bead.

As per the Indian scriptures, it can be worn preferably on monday.

But it also mentions that it can be worn on any good day.
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I agree with Ms Pilai.

Please energize the rudraksha beads mala with your prayer and mantra chanting.

then start wearing the bead mala to feel it's effect.

It need not be the particular Monday when the rudraksha can be worn.

It can be worn on any day.
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The beads are put in a thread to make the mala. And it is very easy to wear and use those malas.

You can yourself chant the rudraksha mantra and then do all offering possible at your own home.

Then you can pray for few minutes and wear it.

If you are not able to chant the specific rudraksha mantra for each bead then you can chant "Om Namah Shivaya" 27 times and wear the mala.

And please do not be confused about good day or bad day. All day are good and you can do puja on any day and wear at your convenience.
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What all are your specific needs and concerns on wearing the mala ?