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Sun in Astrology

Sun in Astrology

The Sun in Astrology

The sun is at the center of our solar system and is a star. It appears perfectly circular and is a plasma sphere. The sun is approximately 109 times larger than the Earth and is primarily composed of hydrogen, making it a hydrogen star where over 99% of its composition is hydrogen. It serves as the most vital energy source in the astrological system.

The sun represents the light that emanates from within, the universal life force that is behind all systems. It symbolizes the spirit, soul, and consciousness within us. The sun embodies our power, strength, ruling authority, spiritualism, and self-representation.

Individuals with a favorable position of the sun in their Kundali tend to exhibit good vitality, vision, and authority in their sphere. They seek recognition and acknowledgement from others, commanding attention and displaying strong personality traits in positions of authority.

A well-positioned sun contributes to a healthy life and energetic body. It governs vital parts of the body, including the head, bone structure, digestion, voice, and the right eye in males (left eye in females).

Conversely, a weak sun can lead to health issues such as heart problems, bone disorders, high blood pressure, baldness, weak immune system, headaches, and poor eyesight.

Known as the father of the planets, the sun rules the Kundali and bestows blessings upon those with favorable astrological alignments.


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