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Remedy for planet problems | Planetary remedial measure | Graha shanti

Remedy for planet problems | Planetary remedial measure | Graha shanti
Astro Article

Remedy for planet problems | Planetary remedial measure | Graha shanti

What our Puran Tells ?

Most of the astrology undertakings are agreed that gems should be used to improve a person good (ANUKUL) the planet, though some are unsure about what should be done to appease harmful (pratikul) planets. We have started searching on the old the esoteric books of the desired method jyotish quality of gems may be used to placate poor or otherwise harmful (pratikul) plane (s), and concluded that there really are a method which has been prescribed for. It is the practice in the Ratna-Arpana or to donate a nice gem for a malicious planet to a designated beneficiaries at a particular time with a particular seed mantras.

So What to do for Planet remedy ?

In order an good (anakul) planet, is the gem to be accepted (worn)

It is surprisingly simple - gems are suitable in all the circumstances, but must be used in entirely different ways. Everyone can understand now that the gems for favorable the planets are to be worn, but was unsure of what should be done to appease harmful planets. The ancient texts show the way - to donate gem to a designated recipient, and the resolving the problem of adverse planet.

Remedy for planet sun

SUN: humor of the Sun (Sunday). Donating a ruby ​​(or any other fine red jewel like red spinel) to a middle age male the government conductors at 12:00 on a Sunday, whereas reciting to Surya seed mantra:

Om Hram hrim hraum Sah Suryaye Namah. --- 7 times

RESULTS: planetary deity Surya is pleased increasing courage and notoriety. Exemption from all the suns problems caused by the Surya, the sun, when he was sick is placed.


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