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Gita - a guardian for life

Gita - a guardian for life

Contradictions In Gita

By Diptimayee Parida | Bangalore, August 19, 2017

The Bhagavad Gita is full of contradictions. It is very difficult to understand and can only be grasped by considering its totality. In the Gita, at one point Krishna tells Arjuna that action is the most important and without action, one will be nowhere. But in another place, he tells him that action is good but knowledge is better. Krishna says, “You must become a yogi and drop everything around you.” In another way, Krishna tells him he is intelligent to see action in inaction and vice versa. So every action has inaction, and every inaction has got an action connected to it.

Krishna tells Arjuna in Chapter Six, if he is confused, then he has to meditate. Finally, he says he is the actual yogi as I am with him in every condition whether he meditates or not. Another place Krishna says to Arjuna that no one is dear to him and then gives a list of qualifications for those he really loves. Krishna is like a best friend to Arjuna. Except Vidur and Udhava, nobody even thought he was enlightened. According to them, they are very smart, including Arjuna.

Bhagavad Gita

Then Krishna gives him a vision for a moment; he saw the universe appear as a manifestation of Krishna to Arjuna. Arjuna sees all of creation, everything—the mountains and the rivers, the past, present, and future—dissolving in Krishna. For an instant, the whole of life, the universe, all memories play out like a movie and frighten Arjuna. This is called the “Vishwa Roopa Darshana,” the vision of the universal.

Krishna talks about the yagyas, principles, and laws of the universe, sanyasa, and how to be centered. But at last, it was the display of the universal vision that worked on Arjuna. When Arjuna wants to give up, Krishna tells him to think and do what is best for him. Then Arjuna’s mind is clear. Krishna had to speak through 18 chapters to get him to this point. Krishna could have done it in the 1st chapter, but it is a beautiful way to flow this knowledge.

Hence everything may appear contradictory from all angles, but that is the reality.


Diptimayee Parida

Diptimayee Parida


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