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Gemstone & Disease cure | Rare stone | Stone for planets

color therapy disease cure gemstone
color therapy disease cure gemstone

Disease cure, color therapy and gemstones

Disease cure with gemstones

Gemstones and Color therapy

Many people have now understood that gemstones are not magic. Now many people have awareness that gemstones are instruments for filtering proper sun rays. It is understood that sun is the ultimate power holder. The rays of sun affect the human being along with the rays from other planets. 7 colors are the manifestation of this sun ray. These are VIBGYOR. We see all the colors with rainbow which comes during rain stop.

These seven colors have effect on the body and psychology of living beings. These helps the make the body of animals. With proper combination of proper colors, there is imbalance with exposure to rays for the body of animals and human beings.

Color imbalance in human body is better understood through Astrology. Astrology has proper descriptions for the cause and effect of color imbalance with human body and mind. There can be issues with over exposure to color too.

Benefits of gemstones

Gemstone are the rare stones available from nature. Diseases are cured with these Rare stone. These gemstones are related with the planets in astrology. So through astrology, it is first determined - What colors are in imbalance in particular human being. Then it is analysed - which other colors have positive or negative effect on the particular person. Then the proper recommended gem stones are recommended for the person. Gemstones are purely based on color therapy. It is a science and being practiced from many thousand years. So all human beings should take advantage of the benefits of gemstones.

Rudraksha & Gemstones

Rudraksha is very powerful to control the energy imbalance within the human beings. They have more better effect and power for bringing positive energy & power.

By Himanshu Nayak


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