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Brihaspati brata on thursday

Brihaspati brata on thursday

Brihaspati Brata on Thursday

For those facing concerns and troubles in life, seeking a right life partner, relief from home issues, or to alleviate mental stress, perform Brihaspati Brata on Thursday.

Instructions for Brihaspati Brata:

Wake up before sunrise and take a bath. Wear a yellow-colored dress. Offer laddoo made of gram flour (besan). Consume food without salt. Offer yellow-colored fruits and flowers to the deity. Perform 108 times japam (chant) for Guru Brihaspati using the mantra "Om Brihaspataye Namah". In the evening, pour turmeric water on Tulasi or banana plant. Offer dhupam (incense) and deepam (lamp) to the deity in the evening.

By performing this Brata, one can receive blessings from Goddess Maha Lakshmi.

Mata Lakshmi

Rashmita Nayak
Rashmita Nayak is a contributor at Ommrudraksha. Contact her via email:


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