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Astrology | What is Astrology | Vedic Astrology

Astrology and vedic astrology
Astrology and vedic astrology

What is astrology or vedic astrology

Vedic astrology One of the very old subjects existing is astrology

What is astrology or vedic astrology ?

One of the very old subjects existing is astrology. Astrology mostly done in Indian System are called Vedic astrology. Astrology was used and widely practiced and learned from ancient times. The astrology is a science and this vedic astrology has evolved from long years. Historically it is the topic of interest in India and also in the every civilization of the world.

Also in the Western countries, the astrology is more popular. There are many western famous known personalities in Astrology. Nostradamus of France is one of those famous people. He is well known for his accurate predictions for future events. In India Astrology or Vedic Astrology has been strenghened by the knowledge and research by many great scholars like Parashar, Varah Mihir, Vyas, Bhrugu etc. They have been remembered always while we talk astrology or vedic astrology.

In India, many old books are there. Also many new books have been written which describes and refers to the old holy books as reference to vedic astrology. Vedic astrology is a science in India and it has been well learnt and followed. A large number of books were written in the past. In fact astrology is an well established subject now a days. It is of great interest all over India. Astrology means talking about Zodiac, Planets, Nakshatras & their influence on all activities on earth. The basic of the Astrology or vedic astrology is same. Understanding the basic and then practicing makes the predictions accurate.

Benefits of Astrology

Vedic astrology is used to know the characteristics of a person, marriage partner selection, prediction, New beginnings, Construction work. Vedic astrology is also used for getting remedial measures to health problem, failures etc in life.

Vedic astrology also uses rudraksha for remedial measures to all problems in human life. Rudraksha is recommended in health issuses, failure cause detection and remedy. Person can reap maximum benefits of life from his own efforts and faith.




By Himanshu Nayak


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