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12 Mukhi Rudraksha

twelve mukhi rudraksha
12 mukhi rudraksha
twelve mukhi rudraksha

12 Mukhi rudraksha Gives boon of the sun god

12 Mukhi rudraksha is Surya (the Sun God). 12 Mukhi rudraksha Gives boon of the sun god and enhance the natural position of the Sun in the natal chart. Twelve Faced rudraksha bead represents the sun god and is prescribed as a cure for Sun problem. Lord twelve face rudraksha bead is Lord Vishnu. This ball acts as a powerful measure for bones diseases, rickets, osteoporosis, mental health, anxiety, heart disease, Hiatus of the stomach, BPand blood picture, esophagus, stomach issues, intestinal disorders, respiratory diseases, skin disorders, etc. Twelve Mukhi bead is best suited for Migration policy, businessmen, administrators, etc. wearer of this rudraksha is said always have wealth, prosperity and worldly pleasures. This bead affects the fourth chakra at the Heart Center is called Anahata Chakra and remove anxiety, suspicion and fear of the wearer and increases self-image and motivation. The Rudrayamal Tantra says that the the bearer of 12 mukhi rudraksha receive benefits accruing from Gomedha and Asvamedha Yajna.

Getting most out of 12 mukhi rudraksha

12 mukhi rudraksha represents the Sun God. This rudraksha is intended for people who want to achieve success, wealth, fame and fortune in life. This rudraksha gives knowledge and riches and all the earthly pleasures. The 12 Mukhi rudraksha must be worn by politicians and businessmen and aspirants of name and fame.This rudraksha provide happiness and material gains and protects against accidents.Recommended of heart disease, lung diseases, skin diseases, light on stomach, esophagus and intestinal problems.

What is related to twelve mukhi rudraksha

Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha is related to brilliance, intellect radiance and electricity. Those attempting to get rid of anger, anxiety, greed, anxieties, feelings, dependence and reduced self-esteem should use a Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha bead. Wearer accomplishes the qualities of sunlight - to rule out and shine with brilliance, radiance and power. Minimizes the malefic effect of the Sun. Drives off low self-respect. Reducing dependence on other men and women. Gives relief from anxiety, worries, anger and despair. Keeps digestive tract in check. Offers relief from gut troubles, liver, liver ailments, Indigestion and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. In an initial Rudraksha, the mukhis are well defined and move end to finish. The corns and contours are organic and there aren't any cracks round the mukhis. The beads are glistening, healthy and devoid of almost any insect holes. Rudraksha beads are largely procured from Nepal and Java. Nepal beads are relatively bigger in size and have clearer and darker Mukhis (lines) in comparison to Java beads. Both Nepal and Java Rudraksha beads emit electromagnetic vibrations which affect our body energy facilities viz Chakras and reunite stability and sequence, in wearer's lifestyle. Rudraksha might be worn at silk/wool ribbon or restricted in gold or silver.


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