Tulsi Mala

Tulsi ( Tulashi ) mala or rosary made of pure tulsi beads.

Benefits of Tulsi mala - It pleases the lord Vishnu and Lord Rama. Best rosary for gracious from Vishnu and Rama. While chanting maha mantra ( A common name for the Hare Krishna (mantra) mantra ), it is most essential to use this mala. Use of this mala brings purification of consciousness or atma shuddhi. Atma suddhi is the self purification. Mucus in throat, spleen disease, and all related to cold/cough are eased with this mala.

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Tulashi mala 1( with white tulsi beads, small size beads)

Tulshi mala made of small size white tulsi beads are very helpful to control cold. Keeps the body cool and makes our mind cool.

Tulasi mala 2

Tulasi beads of white color are knotted with woolen thread and 108 numbers beads. Ideal as fashionable wear with rudraksha as pendant.