Sandalwood mala

sandalwood mala rosary ( made of chandan beads )

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Chandan Mala - 2 ( with silver capping )

Chandan mala rosary made of premium quality sandalwood beads with pure silver capping. Very beautiful mala.

Chandan mala - 4 ( small white sandalwood beads)

Mala made of small premium white colored chandan beads. Worn for Career and health.

Chandan Mala 6 (of red sanalwood beads, smaller size)

Mala made of red sandalwood beads of bigger size used for health,wealth and luck.

Chandan Mala 7 ( white sandalwood medium size beads )

Mala made of medium size sandalwood beads. This is used for better and good health, wealth and luck

Chandan Mala 8 ( small regular size sandalwood beads, longer mala)

Mala made of pure sandalwood beads of white color. This is a long mala/rosary with small size beads.

Chandan mala 9 ( red sandalwood beads, bigger size, 108 beads)

Mala made of 108 nos bigger size red chandan/sandalwood beads are very helpful for good health,wealth and luck.

Red Sandalwood Mala Rosary - 1

Mala made of red colored sandalwood wood which is widely available in India. Very good for career purpose.