simple bracelet 1

Rudraksha simple bracelet made with good and durable elastic and one Nepali bead and two Indonesia beads which is light weight and simple in design.
109.99 (INR)
This product has a minimum quantity of 2

Description on Simple rudraksha bracelet

         Fashionable and light weight bracelet which is easy on wearing.

Configuration of Simple rudraksha bracelet

       One center Nepali bead ( default bead is 5 mukhi, other bead can be chosen from the configuration which will automatically change the product price ). And highest quality two Indonesian 5 mukhi beads as spacers around the center bead.

       Best quality thick elastic thread is used as the thread holding the beads.

       The length of the bracelet ( perimeter of the bracelet ) is as per the standard hand wrist sizes. For special or different sizes, please mention the same in special order information of send email to support with the required length for your hand wrist size.

       The bracelet is designed for maximum comfort and easiness on wearing. For any suggestions of other information, contact support on contact us page.

Who can wear this ?

       Anyone can wear this bracelet. It can be worn by children and adult as well. For any customization on sizes, you can email to support on contact us page.


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