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Rudraksha for Sleep disorder

Sleep disorders affect all work in out day to day life. Rudraksha helps to get sound, peaceful sleep. Also gives relief in Sleep disorder
9,150.00 (INR)
7,299.99 (INR)

> Gives relief in Sleep disorder.
> Sleep disorders cause more than just sleep. It affects everything in life.
> Sleep disorders are caused by many factors. Improver life style is also one cause.
> Good sleep keeps a person active and energetic during the day.
> Sleep disorder has many symptoms which are common and easy to understand.
> Disorders include

  • gaps in breathing during sleeping.
  • choking for air which makes a disturbed sound. 
  • Loud snoring
  • daytime feeling more sleepiness. 

> Rudraksha is a safe home remedy for sleep disorders.
> The beneficial part is seen from the first day of wearing.
> Rudraksha helps to get sound, peaceful sleep.

> One mala of 3 beads worn as mala.( 2 mukhi + 8 mukhi + 10 mukhi)