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Rudraksha for Piles

Rudraksha is a home rememdy for piles. It works better and the differences are seen within days of wearing. Gives relief in piles
4,199.99 (INR)

> Gives relief in piles.
> Internal piles bring out more blood. But external piles does not bring out more blood.
> Cure, Identification and Treatment are all based on the cause of the piles.
> Home remedies for piles is lot easier and much safer.
> Our product helps to control this disease effectively. Still rudraksha should be considered as a preventive and doctors should be the first option.
> Rudraksha helps to minize the pain that is caused because of this disease.
> Rudraksha eases the growing of the disease.
> Patients feel more comfortable after a few days of wearing.
> The main cause of piles is the improper life style and exercise.

> One mala of 2 bead to worn on waist. ( 5 mukhi + 11 mukhi )