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Rudraksha for Paralysis

Paralysis is a muscle dysfunction. Rudraksha helps to ease the problems related. Paralysis grows by affecting more muscles. Rudraksha may help in easing the paralysis growing problems.
20,999.99 (INR)

> Gives relief in Paralysis.
> Paralysis is started slowly in a person. There should be immediately doctor attention for all such type of diseases. Rudraksha is a prevention for such diseases. But doctor should be the first go.
> Paralysis is the loss of muscle functions. There can be multiple muscle dysfunction.
> As the paralysis grows it affects more and more muscles. Rudraksha may help in easing this problem.
> Paralysis is mostly caused by damage to the nervous system. And it can be caused by damage to the spinal cord.
> Paralysis is also seen in animals. dogs for example.

> One mala of 3 beads worn as mala.( 4 mukhi + 7 mukhi + 14 mukhi)