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Rudraksha for Liver Diseases

Liver helps in making the food digestion. Liver disease makes many other diseases to occur. Rudraksh eases and gives relief in Liver diseases.
549.99 (INR)

> Gives relief in Liver diseases.
> Liver is responsible for many critical functions in the body. Liver disease reduces the actions of liver.
> Liver disease is a broader term and includes all the diseases that are occurred because of such problem.
> Liver is responsible for  bile and helps to digest the food.
> Liver diseases can be cured and reversible. Rudraksha helps to ease the problems caused and also slowly removes the disease from the body.
> Acute liver diseases should always be consulted with doctor first. Rudraksha is a home remedy for such problems. The result is seen within few days of wearing.

> One mala of 2 bead to worn on waist.( 3 mukhi + 5 mukhi)

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