Rudraksha for Kidney problem

Kidney disease slowly affect both the kidneys simultaneously. Kidney disease brings high risk. Rudraksha gives relief in Kidney problem
8,999.99 (INR)

> Gives relief in Kidney problem.
> Kidney is very vital to our health. It has subtle symptoms for chronic kidney problem.
> Symptoms of kidney disease can be many.
> Acute kidney diseases brings much risk to us. it should be first consulted with doctor.
> Rudraksha is a home remedy for prevention. It helps to ease the problem and to stop the disease from growing.
> Kidney diseases attack the nerphons thus decreasing the filtering capacity.
> Diabetes and High BP(Blood pressure) causes kidney diseases.

> One mala of 3 bead to worn as mala( 6 mukhi + 4 mukhi + 13 mukhi)