Rudraksha for Diabetes

Rudraksha is very effective safe alternative to diabetes. it helps to bring energy and potency to the wearer from the first day of wearing. Gives relief in Diabetes.
4,699.99 (INR)

> Gives relief in Diabetes.
> Diabetes is a silent killer. It affects every part of the body.
> Diabetes removes energy from life. Rudraksha is very effective for diabetes problem.
> Rudraksha is a alternative cure for this disease. it controls this disease growth.
> The effect of rudraksha is seen within few days of wearing.
> Wearer gets better power, energy to do work. Feels positive. helps in impotency also.

> One mala of 3 beads worn as mala. One bead is worn as bracelet. ( 4 mukhi + 6 mukhi + 7 mukhi + 11 mukhi as bracelet)

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