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Rudraksha for Cancer

Cancer is caused by many environmental factors and it is generanlly not controllable easily. rudraksha gives relief in Cancer.
19,999.99 (INR)

> Gives relief in cancer.
> Cancer is an out of control cell disease.
> Many times cancer makes the tumor and grows very fast.
> Treatment of cancer depends upon the type of cancer and the stage of the cancer.
> Acute problems with the disease should always be consulted with the doctor.
> Rudraksha is a home remedy which helps to ease the problem with cancer.
> Rudraksha helps to find the solution and decreases the effect of disease.
> The effect of rudraksha is seen after wearing the beads on the body.

> One rudraksha bead to worn bracelet. One bead to be worn on waist.(14 mukhi + 8 mukhi)