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Rudraksha for Blood Pressure

Blood pressure gives many other severe diseases. Rudraksha is a home remedy cure for BP. Reduces BP count, increases health. Blood pressure are better controlled
999.99 (INR)

> Reduces BP count, increases health. Wearer slowly gets the BP coming normal.
> Blood pressure is measured by it's pressure against the tube. High blood pressure inceases the chance of heart disease, kidney disease.
> Blood pressure is very dangerous as it has no formal warning symptoms.
> Once a high blood pressure problem comes, it generally lasts for life.
> This special rudraksha minimised the effect of BP. it helps to make a normal life without much medicine.
> Blood pressure should always be consulted for doctors first. Rudraksha is a home remedy.

> One mala of 5 bead to worn on neck.(5 mukhi , 5 mukhi, 5 mukhi, 3 mukhi, 3 mukhi).
> 1 bead can be worn as bracelet(Optional)(11 mukhi).

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