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5mm bead bracelet

5mm bead bracelet rudraksha
The beads used in this bracelet are of Indonesia origin and are finely strung with best elastic thread. These are rudraksha seed beads.

Rs 350.00 (INR)

simple bracelet 1

simple bracelet 1 rudraksha
Rudraksha simple bracelet made with good and durable elastic and one Nepali bead and two Indonesia beads which is light weight and simple in design.

Rs 120.00 (INR)

Siddha mala rudraksha

Siddha mala rudraksha rudraksha
Siddha mala made with finest Rudraksha from Nepal are best to get all the benefits and blessings of lord Shiva. Chakra are cleaned and balanced.

Rs 71,000.00 (INR)

Bracelet 13

Bracelet 13 rudraksha
White sandalwood beads as spacers between red sandalwood beads holding finest quality rudraksha of both Nepali and Indonesian beads.

Rs 325.00 (INR)

Yoga combination mala

Yoga combination mala rudraksha
Attractive and interesting mala and bracelet made for the peace of mind and body. Brings peace to inner mind and enhances knowledge on spiritualism.

Rs 5,700.00 (INR)

mala bracelet combo1

mala bracelet combo1 rudraksha
Rudraksha mala made with the finest Nepali and Indonesian rudraksha beads with the matching rudraksha bracelet for fashion and good effect on spiritual thoughts.

Rs 400.00 (INR)

chikna mala two

chikna mala two rudraksha
Fashionable and slim mala made with spatik beads and indonesian rudraksha beads which are pancha mukhi or 5 mukhi.

Rs 1,000.00 (INR)

chikna mala one

chikna mala one rudraksha
Chikna mala contains beads from Indonesian origin and spatik beads and red sandalwood beads to make a beautiful fashionable mala.

Rs 900.00 (INR)

Ketu remedy and success

Ketu remedy and success rudraksha
Helps to remove the problems of ketu dasha period and also enhances good luck. Helps to remove frustration and bring good relationship with peers.
Rs 6,600.00 (INR)
Rs 5,410.00 (INR)

Geeta maha yajna

Geeta maha yajna rudraksha
Benefits of geeta maha yanja are numerous including blessing of the yanja purusha for the karta for health wealth and complete new life.

Rs 25,000.00 (INR)

Rudraksha for peace and progress

Rudraksha for peace and progress rudraksha
Rudraksha mala with selected rurdraksha beads of high quality such as this will give peace and calmness to the wearer along with new progress and lock possibilities.

Rs 4,700.00 (INR)

Rakhi three

Rakhi three rudraksha
Beautiful rudraksha rakhi with Indonesia beads and nepal rudraksha beads for celebration of Raksha bandhan. Total three beads tied in silver plated copper wire.

Rs 100.00 (INR)

Rakhi two

Rakhi two rudraksha
Rudraksha rakhi made with good quality and original Indonesia 10 mm rudraksha bead and other beads and stones as spacer to make a beautiful thread for bond and relationship.

Rs 35.00 (INR)

Rakhi One

Rakhi One rudraksha
Rudraksha rakhi design one containing Indonesian 10mm rudraksha one numbers and red sandalwood beads three numbers for better feeling of the relationship with.

Rs 50.00 (INR)