Saraswati mala - Rudraksha

Saraswati mala brings knowledge health and will power to the wearer. This is most suitable combination for studies and concentration to students of all kind.
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Benefits of wearing Saraswati Mala

> Brings knowledge and will power.

> Brings concentration and health to the people.

> Most suitable for students of all class who need more memory power and concentration.

> Brings balance in body. Wearer feels satisfied and confident after wearing this mala.

Who Should wear this Saraswati rudraksha mala ?

> All Students who are aspiring for better concentration and success.

> While we need confidence and balance in us, we definitely need Saraswati mala combination.

Configuration of Saraswati mala

> One bead of 4 mukhi rudraksha, one bead of 5 mukhi rudraksha and one bead of 6 mukhi rudraksha strung together to make a beautiful mala.

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