10mm bead rudraksh bracelet

Beautiful and nice looking bracelet made from 18 beads of 10mm size Indonesian rudraksha beads. The mala measures 3.250 inch circumference.
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  • Beautiful and nicely strung together.
  • Strong and made with best elastic material as thread.
  • Contains good quality 24 beads of Indonesian beads.
  • 2 beads of red(optional) sandalwood bead. ( these may be given or may not be )
  • Total number of beads in the bracelet = 26 beads
  • Size of the beads = 10mm size
  • The circumference of the bracelet = 8inch.
  • Used as a bracelet worn around wrist either on left hand or on right hand.
  • The elastic thread used helps to keep the bracelet on your wrist intact.
  • Note: The color of the beads changes as we keep the beads wearing regularly. it is advised to keep it dry for better look of the bracelet continuously.
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