6 Mukhi Rudraksha Mala

Best to bring success in professional and academic life. Brings the perfect health to achieve your goals. Represents the muscular strength and helpful in confidence building.
6 mukhi rudraksha mala 6 mukhi rudraksha mala 6 mukhi rudraksha mala

Importance of 6 mukhi rudraksha mala

  • Very useful to remove the nervousness. Brings never before self confidence.
  • Brings blessings from the shiva's second son ( Karthikeya ).
  • Brings the best understanding power in relationships.
  • Helps to get the sexual pleasure.
  • Very good for infertile women / men.
  • Helps to have a luxurious life.
  • Blesses to have immense professional and academic success in life.
  • Increases Wisdom. Learning and artistic capabilities are multi folded.
  • Vocal power is energized and increased after wearing this mala.
  • Made in traditional style with spacers between the beads.
  • Sandalwood bead spacers in between each rudraksha bead.
  • Regular size, fine quality 6 mukhi rudraksha from Nepal.
  • Size of beads: 20mm - 24 mm.
  • Origin of Rudraksha: Nepal fine quality

Diseases cured by six mukhi rudraksha mala

  • Cures many diseases of reproductive organs.
  • also that of Urinary tract, mouth and throat related.
  • It governs the genital organs of human beings and brings relief to many diseases related.

Who should wear 6 mukhi rudraksha mala

  • Most have for chanting mantra of Venus. (The best choice to make your japam powerful)
  • Useful and recommended for company manager, editors / journalists and business persons.
  • Those who want to have confidence and business profit.

Astrological view of six mukhi rudraksha mala

  • Removes malefic of venus as chhe mukhi rudraksha also represents venus.

Testimonials on 6 mukhi rudraksha mala

  • Also Known as Karthiketa Mala.
  • Saves the person wearing from many sorrows and issues cased because of this world.

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27+1 beads mala rudraksha
27+1 beads mala

Number of beads = 27 + 1

Rudraksha origin = Nepal

Size of the beads = upto 20 mm

Mala size = 36CM ( measured when hung from a nail)

* beeja mantra chanting

Rs 2,199.99 (INR)
32+1 beads mala rudraksha
32+1 beads mala

Number of beads = 32 +1

Origin of Beads = Nepal

Size of the beads upto 20mm diameter

Mala size = 42 CM ( measured when hung from a nail)

* beeja mantra chanting

Rs 2,499.99 (INR)
54+1 beads mala rudraksha
54+1 beads mala

Number of beads = 54+1

* beeja mantra chanting

Rs 4,099.99 (INR)
81+1 beads mala rudraksha
81+1 beads mala

Number of beads = 81+1 beads

* beeja mantra chanting

Rs 5,899.99 (INR)
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