Design of mala

The design of the malas or beads that you order can be choosen from here. The designs are having price for the creation and making charge. It includes the other bead charges and the settings charges. This enables the customer to buy different beads and then make them mala with a particular design. Customers can add different beads to their cart and then add a mala design to their cart for making the beads in that design. One is supposed to order only one of these designs for thier order. This ensures that the correct design is applied to all the beads being ordered by the customer.

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mala bracelet combo1

Rudraksha mala made with the finest Nepali and Indonesian rudraksha beads with the matching rudraksha bracelet for fashion and good effect on spiritual thoughts.
349.99 (INR)

Mala design1 - Red sandalwood

Red sandalwood beads of medium sizes are co stringed with the rudraksha beads with one spacer each between the beads of rudraksha making total 108 beads.
249.99 (INR)

Mala Design2 - Red sandalwood

Another rudraksha mala design which is made with red sandalwood beads of medium sizes and strung together with the rudraksha beads to make it fashionable.
389.99 (INR)