Here you find Silver capping and metallic capping for rudraksha beads as accessories to make rudraksha bead wearable. We have 100% pure and guaranteed Silver used for the making of the silver accessories of rudraksha. Different sizes of rudraksha capping available for different rudraksha beads. Also pins of golden color can be used to cap the rudraksha beads. Golden colored and high quality wires can be used for making the Rosary beautiful. For more information on how to use these capping can be asked at our contact us page.

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Bead Capping Silver 8.5mm

Bead Capping Silver 8.5mm rudraksha
Bead capping made with pure silver. 8.5mm in diameter of the bead cappings. One set includes a wire and two semi circular bead caps.

Rs 370.00 (INR)

om ॐ in pure silver

om ॐ in pure silver rudraksha
Om ॐ is very sacred letter and is filled in this universe. This is the brahma sound which is the sound of the god particle.

Rs 460.00 (INR)

Rudraksha Capping golden Large

Rudraksha Capping golden Large rudraksha
Golden colored Large 14mm diameter rudraksha capping used for capping the beads.

Rs 38.00 (INR)

Rudraksha Capping golden Medium

Rudraksha Capping golden Medium rudraksha
Golden colored Medium 14mm diameter rudraksha capping which is used for capping the beads.

Rs 28.00 (INR)

Rudraksha Capping golden Normal

Rudraksha Capping golden Normal rudraksha
Golden colored Normal size 10mm diameter rudraksha capping Can be used with regular rudraksha beads.

Rs 18.00 (INR)

Rudraksha metal capping pin

Rudraksha metal capping pin rudraksha
Rudraksha metal capping pin Used for rudraksha capping for different rudraksha beads. Inserted through the beads to make a wearable rudraksha mala.

Rs 15.00 (INR)

Silver bead capping - 7.5mm

Silver bead capping - 7.5mm rudraksha
100% silver capping for beads. 7.5 mm diameter of the caps. Perfect for capping different beads of circular size. Good to be used with rudraksha beads.

Rs 350.00 (INR)

Silver bead Capping 10mm size

Silver bead Capping 10mm size rudraksha
Beautifully made with pure 100% silver bead cappings. The size is 10mm diameter and fits to all rudraksha beads perfectly. A 5.3 cm silver wire given along with.

Rs 439.99 (INR)

silver capping for 1 mukhi

silver capping for 1 mukhi rudraksha
silver capping for 1 mukhi is made in pure silver for capping the bead. Can be used to make capping for ek mukh rudraksha.

Rs 399.90 (INR)

Silver Handband

Silver Handband rudraksha
Handband in pure silver.Used for making handband with rudraksha.Veryuseful while wearing 9 mukhi rudraksha, 13 mukhi rudraksha or other beads.

Rs 399.99 (INR)