Rudraksha (रुद्राक्ष) are the beads from trees belonging to Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb. Rudraksha beads are available from 1-21 faces. Hindu Purana describes about 1-14 face rudraksha only. There are no ornaments for human body as like rudraksha. It has miraculous effect on both body and mind. Rudraksha beads uses are numerous. Original Rudraksha beads have positive power.Importance of rudraksha beads are based on their special powers.rudraksha beads should be choosen carefully for specific problem. Rudraksha beads of nepal origin are better. The use of such beads dates to 100 and 1000 of years. The old myths also describe about the use of such beads to bring the human health and spiritualism benefits. 

Rudraksha beads are paritucularly fauvorite to lord Shiva.

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1 mukhi

1 mukhi rudraksha
Consciousness and wealth is attained along with health energy and luck are bestowed. Gives control over senses to brings concentration.
Rs 2,800.00 (INR)
Rs 1,580.00 (INR)

Ganesh Rudraksha bead

Ganesh Rudraksha bead rudraksha
It provides perfection in every sphere in life.

Rs 575.00 (INR)

Garva Gauri

Garva Gauri rudraksha
Gauri is the mother who owns the three worlds and creates and protects it. Her blessings brings protection during pregnancy and child safety.

Rs 2,400.00 (INR)


GauriShankar rudraksha
It provides fertility. Brings unity, harmony, peace, good family life.
Rs 5,900.00 (INR)
Rs 4,000.00 (INR)

Sidha mala Indonesia

Sidha mala Indonesia rudraksha
Sidha Indonesia rudraksha mala for the benefits of sidha yoga and sadhya yoga effect for the wearer. To get all blessings that the rudraksha beads can bring.

Rs 20,000.00 (INR)

2 mukhi rudraksha

2 mukhi rudraksha rudraksha
Unity is bestowed. Helps in singles getting married. Sexual health is increased. Relationships attains a new step with this.

Rs 3,000.00 (INR)

3 mukhi rudraksha

3 mukhi rudraksha rudraksha
Brings energy within, Makes active. For a life of success and luck. Self confidence is increase. Helps to solve problems in life.

Rs 390.00 (INR)

4 mukhi rudraksha

4 mukhi rudraksha rudraksha
Enhanced Speaking power, good memory power, Intelligence is increased. Concentration and Memory is achieved immediately.

Rs 75.00 (INR)

5 mukhi rudraksha

5 mukhi rudraksha rudraksha
Calms down thought, Protects health, Brings peace. A general health tonic

Rs 50.00 (INR)

6 mukhi rudraksha

6 mukhi rudraksha rudraksha
Improves oratory skills Blesses with luxury, comfort, pleasure, Controls sexual diseases, mouth disease, urinary problem

Rs 75.00 (INR)

7 mukhi rudraksha

7 mukhi rudraksha rudraksha
Sublimates enemies and their power, Gets increased attention from opposite sex impotency, increase of sperm, dumbness, paralysis, weakness

Rs 390.00 (INR)

8 mukhi rudraksha

8 mukhi rudraksha rudraksha
Removes diseases of nervous system, prostrate, gall bladder, breathing problem. Brings fame, excellence in art, leadership qualities, prosperity

Rs 2,450.00 (INR)

9 mukhi rudraksha

9 mukhi rudraksha rudraksha
9 mukhi rudraksha protects from untimely death. Gives peace of mind and fearless life. Stress free and self confidence is blessed.

Rs 2,400.00 (INR)

10 mukhi rudraksha

10 mukhi rudraksha rudraksha
Removes vastu dosha and conceiving problem eased. Also solves court cases, disputes and acts of enemity. Helps in unstable mind and anxiety.

Rs 2,450.00 (INR)

11 mukhi rudraksha

11 mukhi rudraksha rudraksha
protection longevity and victory is the result. Brings happiness Removes fear and helps in yoga practice. Leadership quality and fortune comes to feet of wearer.

Rs 4,000.00 (INR)

12 mukhi rudraksha

12 mukhi rudraksha rudraksha
Wearer never suffers from mental or physical pain. Gives inner strength to rule like sun and shine. Used for vastu problem(directional issues) and black magic and meditation.

Rs 6,060.00 (INR)