Rudraksha is considered as a very effective Ayurveda medicine. The electrode-magnetic waves emitted by the seeds are responsible for the amazing powers in the medicinal and spiritual fields. A man's health can be properly maintained by balancing vaat, pitta, kaf. As rudraksha influences through its subtle electrode-magnetic properties, many diseases can be cured using it.

          Diseases can be controlled easily when a man's thought is streamlined, becomes fearless, calms down, and maintains a positive thinking. Rudraksha affect the thought and mind immediately by making him calm and positive. As a man keeps on wearing it, it keeps on to clean the mind and thought making him physically strong, fearless, lucky and disease free. The berries from himalayas have power for protection and cure or healing.

Rudraksha is used as a talisman which cures diseases.

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Rudraksha for Impotency

Rudraksha for Impotency rudraksha
Rudraksha helps to grow the power. Rudraksha also helps to get more sleep and positive feelings. It gives relief in Impotency, feeling of sexual underperfomance

Rs 23,999.99 (INR)

Rudraksha for Kidney problem

Rudraksha for Kidney problem rudraksha
Kidney disease slowly affect both the kidneys simultaneously. Kidney disease brings high risk. Rudraksha gives relief in Kidney problem

Rs 9,099.99 (INR)

Rudraksha for Liver Diseases

Rudraksha for Liver Diseases rudraksha
Liver helps in making the food digestion. Liver disease makes many other diseases to occur. Rudraksh eases and gives relief in Liver diseases.

Rs 499.99 (INR)

Rudraksha for Paralysis

Rudraksha for Paralysis rudraksha
Paralysis is a muscle dysfunction. Rudraksha helps to ease the problems related. Paralysis grows by affecting more muscles. Rudraksha may help in easing the paralysis growing problems.

Rs 20,999.99 (INR)

Rudraksha for Piles

Rudraksha for Piles rudraksha
Rudraksha is a home rememdy for piles. It works better and the differences are seen within days of wearing. Gives relief in piles

Rs 4,199.99 (INR)

Rudraksha for Skin disease

Rudraksha for Skin disease rudraksha
Skin disease can be controlled by using rudraksha. Rudraksha helps to bring balance int eh body and hence gives relief in skin disease

Rs 9,199.99 (INR)

Rudraksha for Sleep disorder

Rudraksha for Sleep disorder rudraksha
Sleep disorders affect all work in out day to day life. Rudraksha helps to get sound, peaceful sleep. Also gives relief in Sleep disorder
Rs 9,150.00 (INR)
Rs 7,499.99 (INR)

Rudraksha for Spondolysis back pain

Rudraksha for Spondolysis back pain rudraksha
Gives relief in Spondolysis back pain, joint paint, pain in bone joints

Rs 8,999.99 (INR)

Rudraksha for Thyroid problem

Rudraksha for Thyroid problem rudraksha
Prevents further spread of disease in early stage of wearing. Thyroid disease may make fatigue, memory loss, weakness.

Rs 8,999.99 (INR)