Genuine rudraksha


Genuine Rudraksha

We always find a natural hole that Rudraksha have in its center. The outer face is also called as mukhi. The number of faces are counted by the number of lines running though. The number of faces represent the seeds that are inside the beads. Sometimes we confuse with the size and shape of the beads. It should always be noted that the natural bead can have different colors and sizes which is dependent on natural things. We only need to care about the genuine of the bead. Also we need to check if there are insects eaten portions.

genuine rudraksha how to know 

People should observe the beads faces carefully and in full light. See it to get a feeling that it should be natural. Generally the cheap rudraksha beads are not faked that much. 3 mukhi rudraksha to 7 mukhi rudraksha are seen not being made fake. But the color and size and shape of these beads definitely differ based on the origin which may not be know to the buyer properly. But we see fakes in case of higher and more priced beads. We see some people making artificial carvings which looks so natural and authentic but are fake. We have seen many cases where the gauri shankar rudraksha bead and ek mukhi gole dana beads are fake and artificially carved and made sometimes markings.

In few cases, we see that people have no understanding on rudraksha before buying and just seen collecting some totally new type of beads called as rudraksha. Buyers can see all types of rudraksha beads on our website for verification as genuine rudraksha.

We see that many buyers have slightly different understanding on the way the rudraksha to be tested. Few buyers think that all rudraksha should sink and only fakes can float. This concept and thinking is totally wrong. Genuine rudraksha can float. Many cases the fakes always sink and the genuine ripe/dry fruit may float. There are many rudraksha beads which are genuine, powerful but still they float.

We always recommend buyers to check the linings and the faces with magnifying glass. All sellers of rudraksha beads will have one magnifying glass for sure. Please ask for it and test the linings with it for your own faith.

Buyers can soak the bead in Luke warm water to observe that the lines which are artificially made are showing off.

test rudraksha for genuine

Always better to buy from the genuine and experienced people. Always their understanding on different type and sizes of beads will help the buyer.

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use of mala | purpose of rosary | Why malas used

The use of mala is primarily for spiritual and chanting purpose. Many use beads mala as ornaments. And also more used for counting while doing chanting.



use of malas


Usage of mala / rosary

These are used for keeping correct counting while chanting. While we chant, we generally recite some common word ( called Mantra ) for certain number of times. That means while repeating the mantra or name of god, we use the beads of the mala for counting purpose. This is a ancient practice in India and known as Japa.

There are different ways of using the beads mala for counting. There are certain rules to be followed in certain counting / japa practice. The way we hold the mala while chanting is the rule. Generally we avoid touching the beads with index finger. There is a center bead in a beads mala called sumeru. We start counting from sumeru and then roll each bead as we count, then we stop when we again reach the sumeru. The rule is - Never pass over the sumeru bead.

When someone does more japam then he simply turns round the japa mala and then again does the counting backward. The touching with index finger or the ego finger is always avoided.

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Planets and Mantra | Mantra for planets


Mantra for planets


Mantras can be used to please and bring positive energy for the planets or can please them to keep the negative associated effects lesser. Here we are writing few mantras for the planets. These mantras are associated with the respective planets. These mantras represent them and can be chanted for pleasing them.


Om Sri Suryaya Namaha
 Om Sri Chandraya Namaha
 Om Sri Suryaya Namaha
 Om Sri Budhaya Namaha
 Om Sri Shukraya Namaha
 Om Sri Angarakaya Namaha
 Om Sri Gurave Namaha
 Om Sri Shanaishwaraya Swaha
Om Shanaishcharaya Namaha

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Rashi & Rudraksha | Rudraksha according to moon sign

Choosing Right Rudraksha by Rashi

          Many get confused with rudraksha selection. Here we discuss again on choosing right rudraksha beads for individuals. Anyone can wear rudraksha. And that too all can wear all types of rudraksha. Just we need to keep precaution that the beads energy vibrations do not bring our negative powers more. All rudraksha beads have effect on our mind and if someone feels some rudraksha is not good for him, then possibly he will get early sign of uneasiness and sometimes headache after wearing wrong rudraksha beads. So choosing right rudraksha for an individual is necessary and important. Do not get confused with so many different ways of choosing proper rudraksha beads. Actually all the different ways are telling the same (how to choose right rudraksha) from different views. Here we are discussing one way of choosing right rudraksha based on rashi or moon sign. Also there are some other information for use help.


Rashi / Zodiac Sign
Rashi / Zodiac Name
Ruling Planet
Mars, Jupiter
3 Mukhi, 5 Mukhi
Mercury, Saturn
6 Mukhi/13 Mukhi, 7 Mukhi/14 Mukhi
Mercury, Venus
4 Mukhi, 6/13 Mukhi
Moon, Mars
Sun, Mars
4 Mukhi, 6 Mukhi
Venus, Saturn
6 Mukhi, 7 Mukhi
Jupiter, Moon
5 Mukhi, 2 Mukhi / Gauri Shankar
Jupiter, Sun
5 Mukhi, 12 Mukhi
Saturn, Venus
7 Mukhi/14 Mukhi, 6 Mukhi/13 Mukhi
Saturn, Venus
7 Mukhi/14 Mukhi, 6 Mukhi/13 Mukhi
Jupiter, Mars
5 Mukhi, 3 Mukhi


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Venus Sukra in Indian Mythology

Venus Sukra in Indian Mythology

venus in indian mythology

Venus is positioned second to sun in the series of planets from sun. Venus orbits sun in 224.7 Earth days. It is also the brightest natural object in the sky after moon.

Venus is also known as Sukra. The meaning of Sukra is very white. Another meaning of Sukra is "Semen". As per astrology, venus rules over Taurus and Libra in kundali houses.

As per the old stories or Indian mythological stories, Venus is the son of Rishi Vrigu. Astrology was very well known to father of Sukra and so well to sukra himself. Sukra chosen to be guru (master) for Asuras ( Demons). He prayed to Lord Shiva and got knowledge of recreation or giving life in objects. After than Venus was able to give life to the Asuras who were dead in battles. With the non dying Demons, the fighting Devatas got impatient and planned a trick. They sent Kaca to be student of Sukra. Kaca is the son of Jupiter, the lord of Devatas. Sukra's daughter Devayani liked kaca.The demons after knowing all about the trick killed Kaca. Devayani requested father and Kaca was alive again with the mantra power of Venus.Demon kills again and the story continues to make Kaca alive. The demons killed kaka and grind and given to Venus as a drink after mixing with wine. Devayani this time requests father and Venus gives life to Kaca without knowing his existence. Now Kaca is alive in Jupiter's stomach and is ready to come out. Venus now told the way to give life to Kaca and died so that he can be again given life.

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Rudraksha cut test

Cut test of rudraksha bead

          We have previously discussed on different ways to test rudraksha bead. The issue for testing rudraksha bead is to ascertain the genuineness of the bead. The identification of genuine rudraksha is not that much complicated. But testing it is bit tough. There is no need for making any expensive tests for such. We can find many simple tests for ascertaining it. In the following paragraph we will be describing about cut test of rudraksha bead. Cut test is a sure experiment which gives perfect certainty.


cut test rudrakshacut of rudraksha


          In cases, where we have doubts on the results from other rudraksha genuine test, then we can make this cut test. This is destructive test. We can cut the bead and test as below.

  • The number of lines or faces on the beads, that many grooves exist ( see the above image )
  • The number of seeds are equal to the number of grooves. One seed in each groove.
  • The compartment inside each groove may not contain any seed at times. This is because - the seed may not have grown up or not matured bead.
  • There may be cases where there will be two seeds being fused with each other. This happens in cases of higher mukhi beads.
  • Count the inner compartments with care. There may be additional effort needed from simple visual testing.


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Rudraksha bead with cappings

These days we see two types of cappings that are applied to rudraksha beads (only single bead is worn in a mala).

1 - Rudraksha bead pin capping.

rudraksha bead pin cappingrudraksha bead pin capping

Here one pin is inserted through the center hole and a circular shape at one end is made for thread pass through.


2 - Rudraksha bead circular top bottom capping. 

Rudraksha bead circular top bottom cappingRudraksha bead circular top bottom capping

Here one pin is inserted through the center hole along with two immitation circular caps at both ends. Then one circular shape is made at one end for thread pass through.

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Mala Rosary Importance & uses

Importance of mala

Shastra approved mantra chanting along with mala is very fruitful. It is clearly told by Veda, Vedanta, Upanishad and also by Jyotisha Shastra. Actually particular Mala or Bead are dedicated to particular god. These mala are made from trees. In Atharba veda, there is detailed descriptions on Banaspati usages. Rug Veda's astrological mantra and Sama veda's usage rules  & Atharba shastra's banaspati usages descriptions have further given credit to Hindu astrological thoughts.
mala importance
Our religious writings have descriptions about rudraksha mala, Tulashi mala, Bilwa Mala, turmeric mala, red sandalwood mala,  and also about different useful trees. It has descriptions about their religious use and other benefits from medicinal view. These are also used for removing the bad effect of planets and to neutralize the negative effect of planets. These should be used as per rules and with care for getting desired result. It is most important to know all the usages and other rules before using them for the purpose. Jamun mala is also important as well.

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Wear rudraksha according to Rashi | Moon sign | Sun Sign

rudraksha according to sign (moon sign)

Rudraksha can be worn by people suffering from negative effect of planets ( according to their birth chart ). Rudraksha is seen to neutralize of nulls the negative effects that are active because of various bad positions of the planets in native's chart. We are here discussing about the moon sign effect and recommended rudraksha that can be worn. There are various other ways by which we can choose rudraksha for a native. Currently we will emphasize on the moon sign house of the native. We will analyze the position of moon and the effect that is bringing to the native. Then we find out the best suited rudraksha for the person. Our recommendation is to wear rudraksha after energizing it. It can energized by following the following article on Energizing rudraksha beads. There can be a total of 12 signs and so 12 rashis rudraksha recommendation.


Wear rudraksha based on moon sign
MESHA 1 mukhi, 5 mukhi
VRUSHABA 4 mukhi, 5 mukhi / 14 mukhi
MITHUNA 4 mukhi, 5 mukhi / 13 mukhi
KARKATAKA 3 mukhi, 5 mukhi
SIMHA 1 mukhi, 3 mukhi, 5 mukhi
KANYA 4 mukhi, 13 mukhi
TULA 4 mukhi, 6 mukhi, 14 mukhi
VRUSCHIKA 3 mukhi, 5 mukhi, 2 mukhi
DHANNUS 1 mukhi, 3 mukhi, 5 mukhi
MAKARA 4 mukhi, 6 mukhi, 14 mukhi
KUMBA 4 mukhi, 6 mukhi, 14 mukhi
MEENA 3 mukhi, 5 mukhi, 2 mukhi

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3 mukhi rudraksha video

3 mukhi rudraksha video describes all aspects and benefits from the bead.3 mukhi rudraksha is for self healing and to bring energy within. It removes laziness and makes a man healthy

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