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Remedy to diseases related to planets - Wednesday, January 15, 2014
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Disease related to planets and their remedy

Disease related to planets and their remedy

Our ancients hereditarily have studied various planetary motions, activity, positioning, nature, effects and true power to derive the cause of various diseases with a healing hand of planets power. Our human body plays uttermost vital source of energy and plays an important role in every aspect from the root.

When the body is not well or not fit or not competent we get distracted, felt unfit and unbalance of work, mental setup and so many thoughts keep biting our soul. It’s the duty of a good astrologer or astro science oriented organization to create awareness and to find out solutions for those. Ommrudraksha have rigorously working on such a social cause to uplift the sins out of human body and mind. Astro sciences at ommrudraksha have identified many diseases related to various planets. Medicine to such is the indeed need but our ancient hand overcome such with astrological solution along with the methods of following medicinal practice

Bikaro dhatu baimashyang samyang Prakrti ruchate
Sukha shagya kamarogya bikare dukhamebacha

Means according to astrology lagna is the body, moon is the mood or mind, sun is the soul of body. So alignment and linking of these planets makes one strong or weak. The weaker the bond between the planets results weaker planets at their ruling time. If the 10th father house , 4th mother house and 6th house got weaker in power then those planets create various diseases and accordingly planet make ones suffer at that sunshine.

In a nut shell Lagna decides the construction of our physical outlook. This lagna is divided into three vital parts and each part again subdivided into 10 more parts. Various enemy planets are also another reason to make one person seek.

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius have fire signs. The planets at these sign suffer in heat and heat related issues.

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn come in earthy signs. These planets at these signs suffer in earthly diseases.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius have airy signs and the planets at these signs suffer in air related diseases and problems.

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces have watery signs and the planets at these signs suffer in cold, cough and water related diseases.

So one can know which planet creates what kind of disease and what solutions required for those planets. Each planet has its own specific Rudraksha and gemstone which behave or acts as a obstruction, barrier, positive vibration between our body and malefic effect of the planet and we can get the positive results if we use the Rudraksha and gemstone properly.

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Lakshmi puja offer discount - Wednesday, October 16, 2013

17 mukhi offer on Lakshmi puja

Let us celebrate puja of mata Lakshmi during this festive season of Diwali the festival with light and crackers. With tradition people put lamps with oil outside their home for hope that Lakshmi will come. The puja of Lakshmi or the worshiping of Lakshmi is for all those who wish to acquire wealth. Lakshmi comes to clean and neat houses and only to them who are proper in their work. This is the festival to honor mata Lakshmi who is the wife of lord Vishnu. The puja comes on the full moon day during the great puja of mata Durga. People generally paint the basket with red color and fill it with rice and decorate it with flowers and piece of cloth. Also many people make an image where mata will be sitting on the water lily with blessing with another hand. Her favor brings the prosperity and all sought her energy and blessings for wealth during this and next world. Also people keep themselves awake and pass the night awake to get full blessings of Lakshmi.

So let us welcome Lakshmi on this Lakshmi panchayatan. The day where all five elements enter this universe for happiness, Opulence, wealth, divine energy. Lord Mahavira had got nirvana on this special day. Also we celebrate the worship of Kali or Durga. The festival of joy and merry making, feasting and get togetherness be filled with all those who come forward to celebrate this.

On the special occasion we are selling the last stock of 17 mukhi rudraksha at through away prices. 17 mukhi rudraksha are in limited quantity with us and are actually 7 numbers available. All beads are of 25 mm - 26 mm size and are having perfect weight and clear lines. We are giving up to 40% off on the bead till the stock lasts.

40% off on 17 mukhi rudraksha

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solution to late marriage problem - Friday, March 15, 2013
 author is himanshuHIMANSHU  


Solutions to late marriage problem

There are certain simple solutions to all above difficulties and planetary problem.

One can choose any 2 solutions for success in the marriage-

  1. By wearing / adopting the charts 7th house lords / planets kabach or protection an marriage on time can be made possible. (Highly recommended)
  2. The girl can wear a Pokhraj stone ring for an early marriage.
  3. Worshiping lord Shiva (wearing rudraksha or rudrabhisheks) for at least 11 weeks.
  4. By doing aradhana or reading of Sundarakand of Ramayana.
  5. By donating in Temples, Gurudwara and Masjids for a period of 5 weeks.
  6. By making a goat free from getting cut / dead in a meat stall by a meat seller and then by feeding that goat with green leafs and foods.
  7. By creating an idol made out of the collection of mud and sands from a holy and devotional place, and worshiping the idol in the morning for 21 days makes you from such a Sean.
  8. By feeding fishes with wheat floor balls can make you free from the pain of late marriage and will be blessed with your desired person to get married.


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Results of palmistry along with the Vedic birth chart for timely marriage - Friday, March 15, 2013
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Results of palmistry along with the Vedic birth chart  for timely marriage

Consider the results of both for late marriage

But if one considers the results of palmistry along with the Vedic birth chart results it give many things to understand. Following notes are some astrological views on marriage.

  1. If Saturn (Shani) is in 7th house and been on a higher zodiac then marital delay happens.
  2. If the lord of the 7th house is in 6th, 8th and 12th house and other disputed planets are looking at marriage house i.e. 7th house then marital delay happens.
  3. If Rahu and Mercury (Mangal) are in 7th house and the Venus (Sukra) is weak in the chart then delay in marriage happens.
  4. If Saturn’s (Sani) eye is on 7th house along with Jupiter (Bruhaspati) and lord of the 7th house are in lower zodiac positions, then also marital delay occurs.
  5. If in the chart the lagna Moon (Chandra) and Sun (Surya) are not well positioned then also marriage delay occurs.
  6. Rahu and Venus (Sukra) are in the house of lagna and Mercury (Mangal) is in 7th house then also marriage delay occurs.
  7. In the birth chart Saturn (Shani) and Mercury (Mangal) both comes in Lagna, 7th house, 12th house. And if lord of 12th house and 7th house lord weaken then problem in marriage arise.
  8. Even if the lord of 8th house is present in the 5th house makes the difficulties in marriage.
  9. If Rahu and moon (Chandra) positioned in 7th house and Venus (Sukra), Jupiter (Bruhaspati) are weak in the birth chart makes the delay in marriage.


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Palmistry solution for timely marriage - Friday, March 15, 2013
 author is himanshuHIMANSHU  

Palmistry solution for timely marriage

Late marriage - Palmistry - Introduction  

In palmistry many palmist have studied and put forwarded their opinions as “Every hand has a marriage line “. Some of them will find a clear, long line and some of them will find it in three or four broken lines and even some of them also unclear. The lines which are equally broad, clear and parallel then that man may face many disharmonious situations and get pain in before and after marriage life.

Sayings in Palmistry  

There are certain sayings in palmistry regarding the age of marriage. Those are classified in three different parts as follows

  • If marriage line is clearly visible below the little finger then you may get married in between the age of 16 years to 21 years.
  • If the marriage line is in the middle then you may get married in between the age of 21 years to 29 years.
  • If the marriage line is above that then marriage accomplished at the age of 30 to 35 years.

Palmistry says regarding marriage  

spaceThere is certain things one need to know what palmistry says regarding marriage.

How to Identify marriage from palm readings:-

  1. If the marriage line is in suns area and it merged in suns line then marriage is happens in a higher heritage house or family.
  2. If marriage line cuts or crosses the sun line then you may get harmed in your reputation and get involved in controversy.
  3. If any small or long line crosses marriage line then they face many disturbances for marriage and marriage may get halt.
  4. If marriage line breaks into two parts then marriage proposals break and life hampered.
  5. If you find many marks on the marriage line then also loss occurs in marital life.
  6. If the marriage line is bent towards middle finger then marriage never happens.
  7. If at the ending of marriage line two lines come out of marriage line then divorce and court cases may come in your life.
  8. If the marriage line is merged with heart line at its ending then many obstacles and hurdles come before marriage and delay the marriage.
  9. If the marriage line is clear without any marks on it and the lines are bent towards other lines then that person may do a love marriage.





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