Biology Of Rudraksha

Monday, August 8, 2011

rudraksha biology

          Rudraksha, are used all over India and the East Asia in the religion Paintings is stony endocarp of a tree (Elaeocarpus angustifolius) are distributed from the northern Australia to the southern Nepal. Of this article sums up the biology, especially the latest research on the remarkable fruit paint. The shimmering blue colouration are caused by a peculiar structure a iridosome. It excreted by the epidermal growth factor cell, and is located above plasma lemma and the adaxial wall. Cellulosic film in iridosome disrupt constructive with blue wave lengths, leading to an intensive paint output of 439 nm. This color persist in the senescing fruit and increase their distribution. The openness of the the cuticle in the longer wavelengths of can photosynthetic take place in the pulpy Greens exocarp tissues, to improve the carbon balance by the tree.

        The biology of rudraksha is better explained by Dr. David. W. Lee. During July 1998 Dr. David has given an in depth explanation on rudraksha biology with title as " The biology of Rudraksha". It can be read from the following link.


rudraksha biology | Structure


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